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Condensate Removal; Alternate Drain Kits; Drain Kit; Interior Drain Kit - Fujitsu ASU9CQ Operating Manual

Heat&coqling model (reverse cycle) room air conditioner wall mounted
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Condensate removal (WS, WE and WY models)
If you desire to drain condensate from the basepan during unit
operation. this una is provided with adrain nipple that can be
attached to the basepan. You must provide a 3/8" outside diameter
thin-wall plastic or copper tube which will attach to the drain nipple.
Follow the instructions below:
STEP 1 Find the drain plate on the rear of the basepan and
it. (See Figure 12).
Remove the knockout in the lower right side of the rear
grille. Slide the chassis into the WSC SLEEVE so that
the drain nipple extends through the knockout.
Slide the tubing inside the drain nipple.
If the chassis must be removed from the sleeve for service. remove
the clamped drain hose before sliding the chassis out of the sleeve.
Alternate drain Idts
DK (Drain Kit)
In the eventthat the outdoor temperature drops below 3rF. any water
that remains in the chassis basepan is drained into the sleeve pan on
WE and WY models to prevent freezing. (NOTE: In the cooling mode
of the WS. WE and WY models. condensate overflow is possible in
very humid climates). For these particular instances, an optional drain
kit (Accessory #DK) is available for water removal.
Figure 12
IDK (Interior Drain Kit)
New construction allowing for condensate drain systems built within
the walls can use the Friedrich Interior Drain Kit (Accessory #IDK)
designed for installation in the bottom of the sleeve below the
condensate bellows valve (heaUcool models only).

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Table of Contents

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