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How To Change Airflow Direction; How To Cover Inner Weather Panel Holes; Electrical Requirements - Fujitsu ASU9CQ Operating Manual

Heat&coqling model (reverse cycle) room air conditioner wall mounted
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How to change airflow direction
The DISCHARGE GRILLE is installed at the factory to provide 45'
upward airflow into the room. (Direction 1 in Figure 5). If a vertical
airflow is desired (Direction 2), the direction can be changed by rotating
Unplug the air conditioner.
Remove the DISCHARGE GRILLE RETAINER attached with one
screw in the right side of the grille.
Remove the DISCHARGE GRILLE from the retaining slots near the
CONTROLS, and rotate the grille as shown in Figure 5.
Reinstall the DISCHARGE GRILLE by placing
in its retaining slots.
Reattach the DISCHARGE GRILLE RETAINER with the retaining
screw. The unit is now ready to operate.
How to cover inner weather panel holes
Two beige plugs are included in the plastic bag taped to the WaliMaster
chassis. These plugs may be used to cover the
holes left after
removing the inner weather panel (see Figure 5). The plugs must be
attached before the DECORATIVE FRONT frame is installed.
Electrical requirements
IMPORTANT: Before you begin the actual installation of your air
conditioner, check local electrical codes and the information below.
Your air conditioner must be connected to apO'lv'er supply with the same
AC voltage and hertz rating as marked on the nameplate located on
Electrical Shock Hazard
Use correct circuit protection.
Failure to follow these instructions can result in
death, fire, or electrical shock.
the chassis. Only alternating current (AC) can be used. Consult pages
3 and 7for the correct type of receptacle for your model.
An overloaded circuit will invariably cause malfunction or failure of an
air conditioner, therefore, it is extremely important that the electrical
power and the wiring is adequate. Consult your dealer or pO'lv'er
company if in doubt.
CIRCUIT PROTECTION· Before installing or relocating your
Friedrich Room Air Conditioner, check the amp rating of the circuit
breaker or "TIME-DELAY· fuse. Refer to the nameplate located on
the air conditioner chassis to determine the correct fuse or circuit
breaker amperage for your model. The rating MUST NOT exceed
the value stated on the nameplate. Ifthe air conditioner is connected
to a circuit protected by a fuse, a "TIME-DELAY" fuse must be
used due to the momentary high current demands when your air
conditioner is started.
Figure 5
1" Diameter Plug

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Table of Contents

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