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Features And Functions; Sleep Timer; Swing Operation; Super Quiet Operation - Fujitsu ASU9CQ Operating Manual

Heat&coqling model (reverse cycle) room air conditioner wall mounted
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When SLEEP is selected be pressing TIMER button during
When the FAN CONTROL button is used to select QUIET,
Heating mode, the air conditioner's thermostat setting is
the unit begins super-quiet operation; the indoor unit's air ­
gradually lowered during the period of operation; during
flow is reduced to produce quieter operation.
Cooling or Dry mode, the thermostat setting is gradually
raised during the period of operation. When the set time is
reached, the unit automatically turns off.
_ _ C L_E_A_N_IN_G_M_O_D_E__________)
Relies on the air conditioner's power to quickly purify the
air in the room.
_ ___________
The Air Flow Direction Louvers swings automatically up and
down so that the air speeds to every nook and corner of
C_E_L_EC_T_R_O_N_IC_A_IR_C_L_E_A_N_F_ll_T_ER _ ____)
your room.
Install for use inside of the dust collection unit. For details
on how to install the filter, please refer to page 15.
Electrical power is used to charge the filter to remove con­
taminants from the air and to effectively collect dust and
The Wireless Remote Control Unit allows convenient con ­
remove odors. It also helps to reduce the bacterial activity.
trol of air conditioner operation.
C_IV_II_LD_E_W __ - R_E_S_IS_T_A_N_T_F_ll_T_E_R_____)
The AIR FILTER has been treated to resist mildew growth,
thus allowing cleaner use and easier care.
[__ W_I_R_ED_R_EM _ _ O _T_E_C_O_N_T_RO __ L _U_N_IT_(_O_P_TI_O_N_)_______
The optional wired remote control unit (model No.: AR-3TAO) can be used.
When you use remote control unit, there are following different points as compared with
using wireless remote control unit.
[The additional functions for wired ones]
• Weekly timer
• Temperature set back timer
[The restricted functions for wired ones]
• Air-cleaning function can't be turned ON/OFF. (During operation, it is always ON)
• QUIET can't be selected in FAN MODE.
• Sleep-timer can't be used.
And you can't use both wired remote control unit and wireless simultaneously.
(Only one kind can be selected)

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Table of Contents

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