7 Button Touch Pad With Display; Control Panel; Chassis Front - Fujitsu ASU9CQ Operating Manual

Heat&coqling model (reverse cycle) room air conditioner wall mounted
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• Automatic freeze protection - Whenever power is sup­
plied to the unit and the master switch is in the ON posi ­
tion, automatic freeze protection is active. If the unit
senses temperature below 40°F, the fan motor and elec­
tric strip heat are turned on. Freeze protection can be
turned off, if required.
• Random restart delay
To help eliminate power surges
after a power outage, the unit is equipped with a two to
four minute random restart delay feature. Whenever the
unit is plugged in with the master switch turned on and
the mode switch set in the cool or heat mode, a random
restart will occur. A random restart condition can be
avoided by setting the mode switch in the fan only or off
poSition before applying power to the unit.
• Fuse holder - On all 265 volt units, fuse holders are fac­
tory installed. Check for blown fuse if unit does not oper ­
ate. Fuse holder is located behind the front. Replacement
fuses may be purchased from the Parts Department or
contact your sales representative for part numbers.
Control Panel
• Indication LEOs - The touch pad has LEOs that correspond
to fan operation and to indicate unit status. The LEOs
next to the selections OFF, COOL, and HEAT indicate which
operational mode is active. The LED located in the lower
left corner is a status LED. This LED indicates the status of
the unit. See Diagnostic Maintenance
Status Report
tion for further details.
_ _D
7 Button Touch Pad With Display
• Load shedding - An LS terminal has been added for load
shedding operations. If at any time a switch is closed
between the LS and IN terminals, the compressor and elec­
tric heater will lockout until the switch is opened.
• Transfer fan - Terminals TF(-) and TF(+) on the low volt ­
age terminal board allow for an external (transfer) fan
connection. A user-supplied relay is required and, de­
pending upon the type used, an approved external trans­
former kit may be required for installation.
NOTE: The PTAC Wire Harness Kit (PWHK01C) is required when
using either the transfer fan or load shedding option.
• Front mounting hole - A mounting hole location is pro­
vided to give the owner the option of securing the front to
the chassis. The mounting hole must be drilled at the
dimple indicating the correct location below a louver. The
owner must supply one 112 inch long #8 sheet metal screw
per unit. The screw must be removed before the front can
be removed.
Front Mounting Screw accessed
through louvers.
Chassis Front

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Table of Contents

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