Adjusting The Direction Of Air Circulation; Vertical Air Direction Adjustment; Right-Left Adjustment - Fujitsu ASU9CQ Operating Manual

Heat&coqling model (reverse cycle) room air conditioner wall mounted
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Vertical (up-down) direction of airflow is adjusted by pressing the Remote Control Unit's SET button. Horizontal (right-left)
airflow direction is adjusted manually, by moving the Air Flow Direction Louvers.
Whenever making horizontal airflow adjustments, start air conditioner operation and be sure that the vertical air direction
louvers are stopped.
Vertical Air Direction Adjustment
Press the SET button (Fig. 6
• Never place fingers or foreign objects in­
Each time the button is pressed, the air direction range will change as follows:
Types of Air flow Direction Setting:
: During Cooling
Dry modes
: During Fan mode
The remote Control Unit's display does
not change.
• Use the air direction adjustments within the ranges shown above.
• The vertical airflow direction is set automatically as shown, in accordance with
the type of operation selected.
During Cooling / Dry mode: Horizontal flow (j)
Fan mode
: Downward flow Q)
• During AUTO mode operation, for the first minute after beginning operation,
airflow will be horizontal
the air direction cannot be adjusted during this period.
side the outlet ports, since the internal fan
operates at high speed and could cause
personal injury.
• Always use the remote control unit's
SET button to adjust the vertical airflow
louvers. Attempting to move them
manually could result in improper
operation; in this case, stop operation
and restart. The louvers should begin
to operate properly again.
• During Cooling and Dry modes, do not
move the vertical air direcion louvers
outside their proper operating range
for the mode
(CD -
®l and into the fan
(® -
(i)) ; using the louvers in
the fan region will cause moisture to
condense near the air outlet, and water
may drop onto the floor. During the
Dry modes, if the louvers are
operated outside the range
CD ®
more than 30 minutes, they will
automatically return to position @
• When used in a room with infants, chil­
dren, elderly or sick persons, the air
direction and room temperature
should be considered carefully when
making settings.
Right-Left Adjustment
• When adjusting the Right-Left Louvers. it
Adjust the Right-Left louvers.
is necessary to stop the Air-Conditioner
• Move the Right-Left louvers to adjust air flow in the direction you prefer.
first and make sure that it stops completely
before adjusting the direction.
knobs (three places)

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Table of Contents

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