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Battery Return Program - IBM 6385 User Manual

Types 6385, 6386, 6389, 7831, 7832, and 7834
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Remarque : Cette marque s'applique uniquement aux pays de l'Union Européenne
et à la Norvège.
L'etiquette du système respecte la Directive européenne 2002/96/EC en matière de
Déchets des Equipements Electriques et Electroniques (DEEE), qui détermine les
dispositions de retour et de recyclage applicables aux systèmes utilisés à travers
l'Union européenne. Conformément à la directive, ladite étiquette précise que le
produit sur lequel elle est apposée ne doit pas être jeté mais être récupéré en fin
de vie.
In accordance with the European WEEE Directive, electrical and electronic
equipment (EEE) is to be collected separately and to be reused, recycled, or
recovered at end of life. Users of EEE with the WEEE marking per Annex IV of the
WEEE Directive, as shown above, must not dispose of end of life EEE as unsorted
municipal waste, but use the collection framework available to customers for the
return, recycling, and recovery of WEEE. Customer participation is important to
minimize any potential effects of EEE on the environment and human health due to
the potential presence of hazardous substances in EEE. For proper collection and
treatment, contact your local IBM representative.

Battery return program

This product may contain a sealed lead acid, nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride,
lithium, or lithium ion battery. Consult your user manual or service manual for
specific battery information. The battery must be recycled or disposed of properly.
Recycling facilities may not be available in your area. For information on disposal of
batteries outside the United States, go to
products/index.shtml or contact your local waste disposal facility.
In the United States, IBM has established a return process for reuse, recycling, or
proper disposal of used IBM sealed lead acid, nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride,
and battery packs from IBM equipment. For information on proper disposal of these
batteries, contact IBM at 1-800-426-4333. Have the IBM part number listed on the
battery available prior to your call.
For Taiwan: Please recycle batteries.
For the European Union:
IBM dx340 User's Guide



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