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Features And Specifications - IBM 6385 User Manual

Types 6385, 6386, 6389, 7831, 7832, and 7834
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Features and specifications

The following information is a summary of the features and specifications of the
hardware. Depending on the hardware configuration, some features might not be
available, or some specifications might not apply.
Racks are marked in vertical increments of 4.45 cm (1.75 inches). Each increment
is referred to as a unit, or "U." A 1U-high device is 1.75 inches tall.
Microprocessor: One or two
quad-core Intel
microprocessors in each system-board
Note: Use the BIOS configuration
utility program to determine the type
and speed of the microprocessor.
v Up to four DIMM channels: 8 DIMM
v Type: Fully buffered, double-data
rate 2 (DDR2), ECC, PC2-5300
FB-DIMMs with advanced memory
v Supports 1 GB, 2 GB, and 4 GB
(as of the date of this publication)
for a total memory of up to 32 GB
Hard disk drives: The system-board
tray supports one 3.5-inch
simple-swap SAS, one 3.5-inch
simple-swap SATA, or two 2.5-inch
hot-swap SAS hard disk drives (with
optional SAS controller). The
system-board tray with an enclosure
attached can support the following
drive configurations:
v Up to four 3.5-inch simple-swap
SAS hard disk drives with the
storage enclosure and optional
SAS controller
v Up to five 3.5-inch simple-swap
SATA hard disk drives with the
storage enclosure
v Up to eight 2.5-inch hot-swap SAS
hard disk drives with the I/O
enclosure and optional SAS
v Up to twelve 3.5-inch hot-swap
SAS hard disk drives in a 3U
chassis and optional SAS controller
IBM dx340 User's Guide
Integrated functions:
v Dual-port Gigabit Ethernet
v One or two PCIe expansion
connectors (depending on server
v Baseboard management controller
(BMC) with Intelligent Platform
Management Interface (IPMI)
v ATI RN50 ES1000 video controller
v Six-port Serial ATA (SATA)
v Serial over LAN (SOL)
v Front connectors for USB 2.0 (2
ports), serial, video, and RJ-45
LAN (2 ports)
Predictive Failure Analysis (PFA)
v Memory
v Hard disk drives
Power Supply:
v Support for one 100 - 240 V ac
power supply
v 375 W (2U chassis only)
v 900 W (2U chassis or 3U chassis)
Electrical Input:
v Input voltage low range: 100 V ac
(minimum) to 127 V ac
(maximum), sine-wave input
(50-60 Hz)
v Input voltage high range: 200 V ac
(minimum) to 240 V ac
(maximum), sine-wave input
(50-60 Hz)
v Air temperature:
– Server on: 10°C to 35°C (50°F to
95°F); altitude: 0 to 914.4 m (0 to
3000 ft). Derate maximum
temperature by 1°C for every
304.8 m (1000 ft) increase in
elevation to a maximum of
3,048.0 m (10000 ft) at an
ambient temperature of 28°C
– Server off: 10°C to 43°C (59°F to
109.4°F); maximum altitude: 2133
m (7000 ft)
v Humidity:
– Server on: 10% to 80%
– Server off: 8% to 80%
v Height:
– 2U chassis: 8.6 cm (3.39 inches)
– 3U chassis: 13.0 cm (5.1 inches)
v Depth: 47.3 cm (18.6 inches)
v Width: 44.6 cm (17.6 inches)
v Weight:
– 2U chassis:
- Fully loaded: 22.7 kg (46.1 lb)
- Without system-board trays:
7.1 kg (15.6 lb)
– 3U chassis:
- Fully loaded: 28.1 kg (62.0 lb)
- Without hard disk drives: 15.4
kg (34.0 lb)



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