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Firmware Updates - IBM 6385 User Manual

Types 6385, 6386, 6389, 7831, 7832, and 7834
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5. To establish a third drive that will take over the function of either mirrored drive

Firmware updates

IBM periodically makes BIOS, service processor (BMC), and other firmware updates
available for the your server. Before you install the server, go to to download the latest firmware for the server.
Install the updates, using the instructions that are included with the downloaded
Important: To avoid problems and to maintain proper system performance, always
make sure that the BIOS, service processor (BMC), and other firmware levels are
consistent for all iDataPlex servers.
To update the firmware, you might need to use an external USB CD-RW/DVD drive
such as the IBM and Lenovo part number 73P4515 or 73P4516. To use an external
USB CD-RW/DVD drive to update the firmware, complete the following steps:
10. Insert the CD or DVD containing the firmware update into the CD or DVD
11. Select Save Changes and Exit and follow the prompts.
in the event of a failure, use the arrow keys to highlight the drive that you want
to use for that purpose; then, press the Minus key to change the mirroring value
to Hot Spare.
1. If the system-board tray is running, turn off the system-board tray and all
attached devices.
2. Connect a USB CD or DVD drive to a USB connector on the front of the
system-board tray.
3. Turn on all attached devices; then, turn on the system-board tray.
4. When the prompt Press F1 For BIOS Setup is displayed, press F1.
5. From the BIOS configuration utility menu, select Boot.
6. From the Boot menu, select Boot Device Priority.
7. Note the device that is selected as the first startup device. Later, you must
restore this setting.
8. Select CD/DVD-ROM as the first startup device.
9. Press Esc two times to return to the BIOS configuration utility menu.
Chapter 4. Configuring the dx340 server



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