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Removing A System-Board Tray From A 3U Chassis - IBM 6385 User Manual

Types 6385, 6386, 6389, 7831, 7832, and 7834
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Removing a system-board tray from a 3U chassis

To remove a system-board tray from a 3U chassis, complete the following steps:
1. Read the safety information that begins on page v and "Installation guidelines"
on page 23.
2. Turn off the server and all attached devices (see "Turning off the system-board
tray" on page 22).
3. If external cables are connected to the front of the system-board tray, note
where they are connected; then, remove them.
4. Remove the 3U chassis from the iDataPlex rack (see "Removing a 3U chassis
from an iDataPlex rack" on page 25).
5. Press on the two release latches at the top-rear edge of the top-cover
assembly; then, slide the top-cover assembly toward the rear of the 3U chassis
and remove it.
6. Slide the retention bracket to release it and remove the bracket from the
7. Lift up on both fan-assembly handles and remove the fans from the 3U
8. Note the cable routing and connection locations; then, disconnect the cables
that connect the system-board tray to the 3U chassis.
9. Push on the back edge of the system-board tray from inside the 3U chassis
and slide the system-board tray forward.
Chapter 3. Installing optional devices



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