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Installing A Memory Module - IBM 6385 User Manual

Types 6385, 6386, 6389, 7831, 7832, and 7834
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Installing a memory module

The following notes describe the types of dual inline memory modules (DIMMs) that
the system-board tray supports and other information that you must consider when
you install DIMMs:
v The system-board tray supports fully-buffered, DDR2, ECC, PC2-5300
v When you install memory, you must install a pair of matched DIMMs.
v If you are replacing a faulty DIMM, make sure that the replacement DIMM is the
v Install the DIMMs in the following order.
v All DIMMs in a pair or group must be the same size, speed, type, technology,
v All DIMMs must have the same speed. However, different pairs or groups of
v When you restart the system-board tray after you add or remove a DIMM, the
To install a DIMM, complete the following steps:
IBM dx340 User's Guide
FB-DIMMs with advanced memory buffering.
correct type of memory.
First (group 1)
Second (group 2)
Third (group 1)
Fourth (group 2)
and physical design. You can use compatible DIMMs from different
DIMMs do not have to be of the same size, type, technology, and physical
system-board tray might display a message that the memory configuration has
1. Read the safety information that begins on page v and "Installation guidelines"
on page 23.
2. Read the documentation that comes with the DIMM.
3. Turn off the system-board tray and all attached devices (see "Turning off the
system-board tray" on page 22).
DIMM connectors
DIMM 00 and DIMM 10
DIMM 20 and DIMM 30
DIMM 01 and DIMM 11
DIMM 21 and DIMM 31



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