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What Your Dx340 System-Board Tray Offers - IBM 6385 User Manual

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What your dx340 system-board tray offers

The dx340 system-board tray uses the following features and technologies:
v Active PCI Express x8 adapter capabilities
v Baseboard management controller
v Dynamic System Analysis (DSA) programs
v Integrated network support
v Large data-storage capacity and hot-swap capability
The dx340 system-board tray has one or two connectors for PCI Express x8
adapters, depending on the server configuration. These connectors accept x16
adapters, but the adapters will downshift to operate at the x8 bandwidth.
The baseboard management controller provides basic service-processor
environmental monitoring functions. If an environmental condition exceeds a
threshold or if a system component fails, the baseboard management controller
lights LEDs to help you diagnose the problem and records the error in the error
log. The baseboard management controller also provides remote server
management capabilities, using the Intelligent Platform Management Interface
(IPMI) version 2.0 protocol.
Note: In messages and documentation, the term service processor refers to the
baseboard management controller.
The DSA programs collect and analyze system information to aid in diagnosing
problems. The diagnostic programs collect the following information:
– System configuration
– Network interfaces and settings
– Installed hardware
– Service processor status and configuration
– Vital product data, firmware, and BIOS configuration
– Hard disk drive health
– RAID controller configuration
– Event logs for ServeRAID controllers and service processors
The diagnostic programs create a merged log that includes events from all
collected logs. The information is collected into a file that you can send to IBM
service and support. Additionally, you can view the information locally through a
generated text report file. You can also copy the log to removable media and
view the log from a Web browser.
The dx340 system-board tray comes with an integrated Intel dual-port Gigabit
Ethernet controller, which supports connection to a 10 Mbps, 100 Mbps, or 1000
Mbps network. For more information, see "Configuring the Gigabit Ethernet
controller" on page 53.
The dx340 system-board tray supports one 3.5-inch simple-swap SAS, one
3.5-inch simple-swap SATA, or two 2.5-inch hot-swap SAS hard disk drives. An
optional SAS controller must be installed when using SAS hard disk drives. With
the storage enclosure attached, the system-board tray can support up to four
3.5-inch simple-swap SAS (with optional SAS controller) or five simple-swap
SATA hard disk drives. With the I/O enclosure attached, the system-board tray
can support up to two 3.5-inch simple-swap SATA hard disk drives, up to two
3.5-inch simple-swap SAS hard disk drives (with optional SAS controller), or up
to eight 2.5-inch hot-swap SAS hard disk drives (with optional SAS controller).
When it is installed in a 3U chassis, the system-board tray can support up to
Chapter 1. Introduction



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