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Using The Bios Configuration Utility Program; Starting The Bios Configuration Utility Program; Bios Configuration Utility Menu Choices - IBM 6385 User Manual

Types 6385, 6386, 6389, 7831, 7832, and 7834
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v IBM Storage Configuration Manager (SCM)

Using the BIOS configuration utility program

Use the BIOS configuration utility program to perform the following tasks:
v View configuration information
v View and change assignments for devices and I/O ports
v Set the date and time
v Set and change passwords
v Set the startup characteristics and the order of startup devices
v Set and change settings for advanced hardware features
v View and clear event logs
v Change interrupt request (IRQ) settings
v Configure memory features

Starting the BIOS configuration utility program

To start the BIOS configuration utility program, complete the following steps:
1. Turn on the server.
2. When the prompt Press F1 for Configuration/Setup is displayed, press F1. If
3. Select settings to view or change.

BIOS configuration utility menu choices

Note: Some options in the BIOS configuration menus might not be supported in all
server configurations.
The following choices are on the BIOS configuration utility menu at the top of the
screen. Depending on the version of the BIOS code, some menu choices might
differ slightly from these descriptions. Depending on how passwords are configured,
IBM dx340 User's Guide
1. To run the preboot DSA program, you must have the following additional
– Monitor.
– Combination USB keyboard and pointing device such as IBM part number
– External USB CD-RW/DVD drive such as the IBM and Lenovo part
number 73P4515 or 73P4516. See "Firmware updates" on page 57 for
additional instructions about using an external USB CD-RW/DVD drive.
2. You can also select to download images of the DSA program for other
external USB storage devices, such as a USB memory key.
For additional information about the DSA diagnostic programs, see the Problem
Determination and Service Guide on the IBM Documentation CD.
Use SCM to manage the storage configuration of your virtual environment from a
single console. SCM is part of the Virtualization Manager extension to IBM
Director. For more information and to download the Storage Configuration
Manager, go to
you have set both a power-on password and an administrator password, you
must type the administrator password to access the full BIOS configuration
utility menu. If you do not type the administrator password, a limited BIOS
configuration utility menu is available.



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