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Operator Panel Controls, Leds, Connectors, And Power - IBM 6385 User Manual

Types 6385, 6386, 6389, 7831, 7832, and 7834
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Operator panel controls, LEDs, connectors, and power

The following illustration shows the controls, LEDs, and connectors on the front of
the server. The operator panel on the system-board tray is the same for all server
System-error LED
Power-control button: Press this button to turn the system-board tray on and off
manually. Note that the power-control button is recessed to prevent the
system-board tray from being turned on or off accidentally. There is a power-control
button cover that can be removed for easier access to the power-control button.
Ethernet link activity/status LED: This LED is on each Ethernet connector. When
this LED is lit, it indicates that there is an active connection on the Ethernet port.
When this LED is flashing, it indicates that there is activity between the server and
the network.
Ethernet connection speed LED: This LED is on each Ethernet connector. The
status of this LED indicates the connection speed, in megabits-per-second (Mbps),
between the server and the network as follows:
v LED off: 10 Mbps connection
v LED lit amber: 100 Mbps connection
v LED lit green: 1000 Mbps connection
Ethernet connectors: Use these connectors to connect the server to a network.
Video connector: Connect a monitor to this connector.
Serial connector: Connect a 9-pin serial device to this connector.
USB connectors: Connect USB 2.0 devices to these connectors.
System-error LED: When this LED is lit, it indicates that a system error has
occurred. The source of the error is logged in the BMC system-event log that is
accessed in the BIOS configuration utility program.
Locator LED: This LED can be lit remotely by the system administrator to aid in
visually locating the system-board tray. In an IPMI environment, the system
administrator can light the LED by using the BMC IPMI Chassis Identify command.
Hard disk drive activity LED: When this LED is on or flashing, it indicates that an
associated hard disk drive is in use.
Power-on LED: When this LED is lit, it indicates that the system-board tray is
turned on.
IBM dx340 User's Guide
Power-on LED
Hard disk drive
activity LED
Locator LED
Ethernet connection
Ethernet link
speed LED
activity/status LED



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