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Sony CCD-TRV70 Service Manual

Hi8 video camera recorder.
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US Model
Canadian Model
Hong Kong Model
CC D- TR V30/'I'R V40/-I'R V70
E Model
CCD- Tit V30/TR V3OPK/TR V40/'FRV70
Tourist Model
is model that carring case are
added in CCD-TRV30.
are different from CCD-TRV30
only in the accessories
and packing materials.
refer to the
"8 mm Video
MANUAL IV" (9-973-199-11),
Video recording system
Two rotary heads, Helical
scanningFM system
Audio recording
Rotary heads,FM system
Video signal
NTSC color, EIA standards "
Usable cassette
See the table.
Tape speed
SP mode: Approx. 1.43 cm
(] 9/32 in)/second
LP mode: Approx. 0.72 cm
(5/l 6 in)/second
LP mode is for playback only.
SP mode: 2 hours (P6-120)
LP mode: 4 hours (P6-120)
LP mode is for playback only.
Approx. 6 rain. 30 sec.
Image device
CCD (Charge Coupled Device)
Electronic viewfinder
See the table.
Focal distance
Seethe table.
Color temperature
Minimum Illumination
See the table.
See the table.
More than !00 Ix
LCD screen
See the table.
See the table.
Input and Output connectors
S video input/output
See the table.
Video Input/output
Phonojack, lVp-p, 75Q
unbalanced, sync negative
Audio input/output
See the table.
Special minijack, DC 5V
See the table.
Stereo mini-mini jack
(€ 2.5 ram)
MIC jack
See the table.
Power requirements
On battery mounting surface
6.0V (battery pack),
7.5V (AC power adaptor)
Average power consumption
See the table.
Vertically, Horizontally
Operating temperature
0'_ to 40"C (32"F to 104*F)
Storage temperature
-20"C to +60 *C
(--4 *F to +140 oF)
See the table.
See the table.
See the table.
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Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 LP mode: 4 hours (P6-120) See the table. LP mode is for playback only. On-screen display Fasfforward/rewind time See the table. Approx. 6 rain. 30 sec. (P6-120) Continued on next page -- EEl V IDEO CAMERA RECORDE CCD-TRV30/TRV30PK/TRV40 VIDEO CAMERA RECORDER CCD-TRV70 SONY...
  • Page 2 Check that the fullowing accessories are supplied C:umpruebe que se ban surninistradu with yuur camcorder, siguientes accesurius c_n la vide,oc;t mara. Wireless Remote Commander (1) (p.80) Mando a distancia inal_mbrico (1) (p.80) NP-66 Battery pack (1) (p.6) 8ateria NP-66 (1) (p.6) AC-V26 AC power adaptor (1) (p.6, 29) Adaptador de alimentaci6n de CA AC-V26...
  • Page 3 Before using your camcorder, you first need tu Antes de emplear [a videoc_imara, es ne_'esariu Charging Time Tiempo carga charge and install ti_e battery pack. To charge primer lugar cargar e instalarla baterfa: Pnra ellu, ! Charging, time*.: • Batte_.pack::_::: •...
  • Page 4 Install,ng the.Battery: Pack ; i-_ i: Important! ilmportante! ::'i_stalac!6n de|a b_teri.a _::!!_ : Use the battery completely before Lift up the vlewfinder. iAgote pot completo la bateria antes Levante el vi_,or electrGnico. recharging1 Align the right side of the battery pack with volver a cargarla!.
  • Page 5 Make sure that a power source is installed. Make sure that the power source is installed Aseg6rese de que ha instalado la fuente de Aseg6rese de que ha instalado fuente a cassette is inserted. The date is automatically alimentaci6n. alimentaci6n y de que ha insertado una cinta.
  • Page 6 To Finish Recording Para finalizar la grabaci6n Note on the tape counter Nora sobre el €ontador de cinta Press START/STOP to stop. Turn STANDBY Pulse START/STOP para detener la graba_'k'Jn. The tape counter indicates the recording El cuntador de cinta indica el tiempu down, and set the POWER switch...
  • Page 7 Notas sobre el zoom digital Notes on digital zoom • El nivel de zoom _uperior a 12 x se realiza • More than12 x zoom isperformed digitally, digitalmente y la calidad de la imagen se and thepicture quality deteriurate_ as you go Zooming is a recording technique that lets you El uso del zoom es una t_nica de grabaci6n...
  • Page 8 Letting Subject Monitor Shot Deje el objeto controle You can turn the LCD panel over so that it faces filmaci6n the utl_er way. You can aLso record the picture while looking at Tambi_n es posible grabar la imagen mientras Es p_sible glrar completamente el panel LCD de the LCD screen.
  • Page 9 Cuando filme _ujetando la videoc_mara con la Notas sobre el panel LCD For hand-held shots, you'll get better results by Notes on the LCD panel mano, cunseguir,'i mejores resultados si sigue las hold ing the ca recorder accord ing to the following •...
  • Page 10 _sta no est_ muntada sobre When attaching a non-Sony tripod, make sure trfpode. that the length of the tripod screw is ]e_s than 6.5 Cuando fije un tr(pude que no _ea Son)', (9/32 in).
  • Page 11 The EDITSEARCHfunction is used to view the Para detener la reproducci6n La funci6n EDITSEARCHse utiliza para To Stop Playback Release EDITSEARCH. LibereEDITSEARCH. recorded picture for a moment during recording. visualizar mumentS.neamente im,'igenesgrabadas durante la grabacidn. Using EDITSEARCH,you can review the last recorded scene or check the recorded picture on Mediante la funcidn EDITSEARCH,es posible To Begin Re-recording...
  • Page 12 Es posible controlar la imagen de _pr_x:lucck'm To Stop Playback Para detener la reproducci6n You can monitor the playback picture on the LCD screen. Press C] during playback. Pulse 1-1durante la reprud ucci_3n. en la pantalla LCD. (1) Mientras pulsa el bot_'mverde peque_'_udel (1) While pressing thesmallgreenbuttonon the Para rebobinar la cinta...
  • Page 13 Es posible ir al final de la parte grabada. You can go to the end of the recorded portion. i _biVers0s :mod_s de il i:i i;'!iii:: iii:i ! :i:! Es conveniente vulver a iniciar la gmbacidn It is convenient when you restart recording after i_reprOducci_n :"...
  • Page 14 You can chooseany of thefollowing power Puede elegir cualquiera de las sii:;uientes fllentes :Use de/cable de alimentaCi6n sourcesfor your camcorder:battery pack (p.6), de alimentaci6n para la videLx:zlmara: bateffa :de red."ill ii: :i:ii:i _ i_:__.._: tl_e h ouse current, and 12/24V carbattery. (p.6), cable de alimentaci0n de red y baten'a...
  • Page 15 You can record the date or time d_played on the Es posible grabar la fecha o la hora que aparecen _Us..ing_::a_!_ca:r_Ba_e!_:_!!!_i_.!_!_:.:._:_:.!:_i_.:!::.!::i_!_:::!i!_!.:_!._. :::Uso de_n:a bat_rfapa_r_ i:_ !ii :I LCD screen or in the viewfinder with the picture. en la pantalla LCD o en el visor electr6nico con la ..
  • Page 16 You can select from four PROGRAM AE (Auto Es pusible seleccionar cuatru modus diferentes de [a: f_nci6n_:PROGRAM .Usingith_PROGRAM:AE .,:..... Exposure) modes to suit your shooting situation. PROGRAM AE (Exposicidn automStica) que se When you use PROGRAM AE, you can get a adapten a su situaci6n de filmaci6n.
  • Page 17 You can make interesting picture_, like those of Es posible realizar atractivas pelfculas, como las television with Picture Effect function. de televisi6n, con la funci6n de efecto de imagen. Each press of PICTURE EFFECT changes Cada vez que pulse PICTURE EFFECT. el modo mode.
  • Page 18 ilEnf0quemanua,li !Zi:iiiiiiii:! Wl_en focusing manually, First fucus in telephoto AI realizar el en_oque manual, utilice en primer In the following cases you should obtain better En los siguientes casus, obtendr_ me,ms before recording, amid then reset the shot length. lugar el modo de telefoto antes de filmar...
  • Page 19 To Cancel Fade-in/Fade-out Es posible fundir im:tgenes gradualmente para You can fade inor out togiveyour recording a Para cancelar la funci6n aparici6n/ professional appearance. darle a sus grabaciones una apariencla m,_s Function desaparici6n gradual profesional. Before pressing START/STOP, press FADER When fadingin, thepicture g radually fadesin Antes de pulsar START/STOP, pulse FADER...
  • Page 20 When you shoot a subject with the ligl_t source Si filma un objeto cun la fuente de iluminaci6n When you shoot, the ,((_}b indicator appears in the AI filmar, el b_dicador a parece en el visor viewfinder or on the LCD screen.
  • Page 21 Es posible cambiar los ajustes de modo en el You can change the mode settings in the menu i S:electing tiie i! Selecci6n aj_st_: d_:moao_ae sistema de mends para di,_frutar en mayor system to further enjoy the features and i Ea € hl !re m !_ii:i ;...
  • Page 22 REC LAMP <ONIOFF>* REC LAMP <ON/OFF>" •Seleccione ON para que el indicador • Select ON to let the camera recording/battery You can reqord a wide picture to watch on the Es posible grabaruna imagen amplia para grabaci6n/bater_a del panel ffun=al de la lamp on thefrontpanellight duringrecording.
  • Page 23 .... ._w- ..You can use the camcorder as a VCR. Connect Es posible utilizar la videoc'iimara como una the camcorder to the TV by using the supplied videograbadora. Conecte la videuc_imara al A/V connecting cable. There are two ways to televisur mediante el cable de conexiOn de A/V (1) While pressing PUSH OPEN, open the LCD...
  • Page 24 Si la videograbadora ya est_ conectada a un If your VCR is already connected to a "IV You can create your own video program by Puede crear su prupio prugrama de vMeo si televisor ConneCt the camcorder to the LINE IN inpu_ editing with any other _ 8 ram, blll_l HiS, _1!_...
  • Page 25 ......You can record a tape _rum another or a TV Es posible grabar una cinta desde otra iii!i i6 i E ! i iiiii iiiii ii i!ii? i i !! i!i!!ilililill videograbadora, u un progrsma de TV desde un program from a TV that has...
  • Page 26 * on pages 43 hura y otros elementus rnarcados col{ "en las CR2025 Sony o Duracell DL-2025. El uso de and 44. the Sony CR2025 o Duracell O1.-2025 lithium p_ginas 43 y 44. cualquier otro tipo de pila puede representar battery.
  • Page 27 To Check Date Time Para comprobar la fecha y la hora You can reset the date time in the menu Es posible reajustar lafechay lahora en el Press DATE to display the date indicator. Pulse DATE para mustrar el indicador de fecha.
  • Page 28 a;u. This section shows you how you can get the rno_t En esta seccidn se explica cdmu renmbilizar out of your battery pack. m,_ximo ]a bateria. The playback mode (SP or LP) is selected E1 modu de repruducci6n (SP o LP) se selecciona autom_dcamente de acuerdo con el forrnato...
  • Page 29 Battery Pack Care Cuidado de la baterfa • Remove the battery pack from the • Retire la bateria de la videoc-_mara despues camcorder after using the battery pack, and de utilizar la bateria y cons_rvela en un lugar Mientrasutiliza lavide_c_mara, el indicador de While are using your...
  • Page 30 Be Sure to Observe Following Observe las siguientes indicaciones • Paraevitarquese pruduzcan accidentes • To prevent an accident caused by a short circuit, do not allow metal objects such as derivados de cortuclrcuitus, no permite que A Brand-new Battery Pack Baterfa completamente nueva...
  • Page 31 Note Nora If the VS-?.SCLH cleaning cassetteis not available Si el cassette limpiador VS-.?.SCLH Sony no estfi in your area, consult your nearest Sony dealer. dbponible en su zuna, consulte al proveedor Sony m::.s cercano.
  • Page 32 Sony dealer before ue sea revisada por su proveedur Sony ante_ e utilizarla de nuevo. operating it any further.
  • Page 33 France, Guyana, Bulgaria, Francia, Guayana, Hun_fa, [r6n, Irak, It • La unidad se calienta durante su uso. Esto es contact your nearest Sony dealer. Hungary, lran, Iraq, Monaco, Poland, Russia, M6naco, Polonia, Rep6blica checa, Repfiblica normal Stovak Republic, Ukraine, etc.
  • Page 34 ........[] Tape transport buttons (p.24, 25) Botones de transporte de cinta (p.24, [] STOP [] STOP REW (rewind) (reb_binado) LCD screen (p.24, Pantalla LCD (p.24, E:>-PLAY (playback) E:>- PLAY (reproducci6n) _]TIME button (p.31) Bot6n TIME (p.31) FF (fast-forward) FF (avance r_ipido) II PAUSE II PAUSE...
  • Page 35 " Cassette Compartment lid (p.10) Tapa del compartimiento de cassettes(p.10) Bot6n START/STOP (p.16) START/STOP button (p.16) Resulta dtil para filmar en una p_ici6n baja. Sot6n EJECT (debajo de la tapa) (p.10) [t is useful when recording in low position. EJECT button (under the lid ) (p.10) _Toma de control LANC @...
  • Page 36 Preparing Remote Commander Preparaci6n mando a distancia Attaching shoulder strap Ajuste del asa de hombro To use the Remote Commander, must insert Para utilizar el mandu a distancia, es preciso Attach the supplied shoulder strap to tile hooks Ajuste el asa de hombro suminlstrada a los R6 (size AA)
  • Page 37 Sony en el modo de mando a remote sensor of the VCR with black paper. distancia VTR 2, se recomienda cambiar el modo de mando a distancia o cubrir elsensor...
  • Page 38 Remaining tape indicator (p.13) Indicador de cinta restante (p.13) 5rain lmin --'0min 5min Remaining battery indicator (p.S8) Indicador de bateria restante (p.58) _tAUTO DATE indicator (p.13) Indicador AUTO DATE (p.13) Date or Time (p.31) Fecha u hora (p.31) Recording lamp (in the viewfinder) (p.11) [1_ Indicador...
  • Page 39 Disconnect the power source and contact your Sony dealer or local authorized _¢acility. Desconecte la fuente de alimentaci6n y pbngase en cuntacto con su proveedor Sony []The lithium battery is weak or the lithium n_is cercano o con el estab]ecimiento battery is not installed.

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