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Craftsman 27742 Instruction Manual page 4

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Reduce the throttle setting during engine run-out and if
the ang ne s provided with a shut-off valve, turn the fuel
off at the conclusionof mowing.
IV. Maintenance
and Storage
Keep all nuts, boltsand screws tightto be sure the equip-
ment is in safe working condition.
Never store the equipment with petrol in the tank inside
a building where fumes may reach an open flame or
Allow the engine to cool before storing in any enclo-
To reduce the fire hazard, keep the engine, silencer, bat-
tery compartment and petrol storage area free of grass,
leaves, or excessive grease.
Check the grass catcher frequently for wear or dete-
Replace worn or damaged parts for safety.
if the fuel tank has to be drained, this should be done
On multi-bladedmachines, take cars as rotatingoneblade
can cause other blades to rotate.
When machine isto be parked, stored or left unattended,
lowerthe cuttingmeans unless a positivemechanical !ock
is used.
WARNING: Always disconnect spark plug wire and
place wire where it cannot contact spark plug in
order to prevent accidental starting when setting
up, transporting, adjusting or making repairs.



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