Mechanical Installation; Unpacking; Installation Environments - Honeywell 3G SmartVFD HVFD3D3A0015 Installation And User Manual

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3 Mechanical Installation

3.1 Unpacking

3.1.1 Items Supplied
Items supplied may vary according to product configuration.
Make sure the items supplied and the information on the nameplate correspond
to the order confirmation.
Check the packaging and the adjustable frequency drive visually for damage
caused by inappropriate handling during shipment. File any claim for damage
with the carrier. Retain damaged parts for clarification.
Note: Do not remove the nameplate from the adjustable frequency drive (loss of warranty).
3.1.2 Storage
Ensure that requirements for storage are fulfilled. Refer to Chapter 8 Ambient Con-
ditions for further details.
Periodic forming (capacitor charging) is not necessary during storage unless stor-
age exceeds 12 months. For drives stored more than 12 months but less than four
years apply full voltage for three hours before running motor.

3.2 Installation Environments

Note: In environments with airborne liquids, particles, or corrosive gases, ensure that the
IP/Type rating of the equipment matches the installation environment. Failure to
meet requirements for ambient conditions can reduce lifetime of the adjustable
frequency drive. Ensure that requirements for air humidity, temperature and altitude
are met.

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents