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Troubleshooting - Yamaha MDX-595 Owner's Manual

Natural sound minidisc recorder
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If your MD recorder fails to operate normally, check the following table. It lists common operating errors and simple
measures which you can take to correct the problem. If it cannot be corrected, or the symptom is not listed, disconnect the
recorder's power cord and contact your authorized YAMAHA dealer or service center for help.
The unit does not respond to
It happens that this unit does not work
Playback is not possible.
Recording is not possible.
The MD cannot be removed when
partially inserted.
Excessive noise.
The remote control does not operate.
To clean the cabinet
Use a soft cloth slightly moistened with mild detergent solution.
Care of MDs
• Do not expose the MD to direct sunlight or heat sources such as hot air ducts, nor leave it in a car parked in direct sunlight
as there can be a considerable rise in temperature inside the car.
• Periodically remove dust and debris from the cartridge surface by wiping it with a dry cloth.
• Because the MD itself is housed in a cartridge, you can handle it normally without being concerned about dirt or
fingerprints. However, malfunctioning may result if the cartridge itself is dirty or warped.
Do not open the shutter on the MD cartridge
Trying to force the shutter open will damage the shutter.


• MD is dirty or damaged.
• MD is damaged ("UTOC ERR appears
in the display).
• There is an influence of strong external
noise (lightning, excessive static
electricity, etc.) or a misoperation was
performed while using this unit.
• Moisture is on the laser pickup.
• The power is OFF.
• The disc has been loaded incorrectly.
• An unrecorded (blank) MD was loaded
("Blank Disc" appears in the display) .
• The disc is record protected
("Protected" appears in the display).
• A pre-mastered MD is loaded
("Playback MD" appears in the display).
• The source is not connected correctly.
• The input setting is incorrect.
• The recording level is too low.
• The digital output level of the digital
source is too low.
• There is not enough blank space left on
the MD.
• If the power cord was unplugged or
there was a power outage during
recording, that recording may be lost.
• The carriage lock function has activated.
• The unit is too close to the television or
other component.
• The batteries are exhausted.
• The remote control transmitter is
operated from an incorrect distance or
• The remote control sensor is located in
strong direct light.
• Replace the current disc with a new
• Turn the power off and disconnect the
AC power from the AC outlet. After
about 30 seconds have passed,
connect the power and try again.
• Leave the unit switched ON and wait 20
to 30 minutes for the moisture to
evaporate before trying to play a disc.
• Press POWER to turn the power on.
• Reload the disc with the label side
facing up, and the arrow pointing
toward the disc insertion slot.
• Insert a recorded MD.
• Slide the record-protect tab to the
closed position.
• Load a recordable MD.
• Check all connections again.
• Press INPUT repeatedly to select the
correct input jacks.
• Turn REC LEVEL to adjust the recording
• Set the digital output level of the digital
source to "MAX".
• Load a recordable MD with fewer
recorded tracks, or erase unnecessary
tracks from the current MD.
• If recording was interrupted, try
recording again starting from the
• Insert the MD completely, then press
) EJECT to eject it.
• Place the unit farther away from the
television or other component.
• Replace the batteries.
• Operate the remote from less than 6
meters (about 20 feet) and within 30° on
either side of the sensor.
• Place the unit away from the strong


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