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Can You Synchronize Two Or Three Units; Does It Have A Song Naming Function; Is Mmc ( Midi Machine Command) Supported; What Is Cue List Play - Yamaha MD4 Frequently Asked Questions Manual

Multitrack md recorder
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28. Can you synchronize two or three units?

It is impossible with this model.

29. Does it have a song naming function?

Yes. Each song and disc can have a name, which can be input on the MD4.

30. Is MMC ( MIDI Machine Command) supported?

No. The Yamaha MD4 is compact, desktop, standalone equipment that includes a mixer
section. The MD4 will not frequently be remote controlled. However, the MD4 has an MTC
(MIDI time code) out function that allows you to use the unit as timecode master to
synchronize a music sequencer.

31. What is Cue List play?

Cue List play is one of the functions in UTILITY. Each song can have up to 8 Mark points.
Using these Mark points in any order will allow you to make a Cue List of up to 9 steps. The
MD4 plays back data based on this list. Also, the number of repeats can be set for Cue List

32. Can you sort songs or divide a song?

One song can be divided into two songs. These divided songs can be combined again. ( You
cannot combine songs that originally had different song numbers.) But you cannot change
the order of songs or relocate them (that is, the Cut and Paste operation), with the exception
of the Program Play function, which allows you to change the playback sequence.

33. Is external synchronization possible?


34. What are the precautions for using the unit?

The operating temperature is 5 to 35 degrees Celsius. The unit is a precision device. Handle
the cartridge gently and with care.
35. How to use MTC out.
MTC stands for MIDI Time Code. The Yamaha MD4 operates only as a timecode master of
MIDI sequencer. In this case, MTC is output at 0:00, the beginning of each song. The MD4
does not have MIDI In/Out.

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