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Belts - Husqvarna P524 EFI Workshop Manual

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7. Remove the cover (B) above the steering servo
8. Remove the 4 screws that hold the power steering
servo (A).
9. Put a container below the steering servo to collect
the spill oil.
10. Clean the hydraulic couplings. Obey the instructions
To keep the hydraulic system clean on page
given in
44 .
11. Disconnect the hydraulic hoses from the power
steering servo (A). Attach protective plugs.
12. Attach the new power steering servo in opposite
13. Start the engine and turn the steering wheel to full
lock. Do a check for oil leakage.
14. Do a check of the oil level of the hydraulic oil tank.
To do a check of the oil level in the
Refer to
hydraulic system on page 46 .

9.10 Belts

9.10.1 To replace the drive belt for the cutting
1. Lower the cutting deck.
2. Remove the front cover.
3. Pull the spring handle to the left out from the spring
holder to loosen the tension on the tension wheel for
the drive belt.
4. Remove the left side cover on the cutting deck.
5. Pull the spring stay from the lift chain.
72 - Repair instructions
6. Remove the 4 screws and remove the belt guard.
7. Remove the belt from the pulley, lift the belt holder
(A) and remove the belt from the tension wheel.
8. Remove the belt from the pulley on the tool frame.
9. Remove the belt guard below the engine pulley.
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