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Transmission Maintenance - Husqvarna P524 EFI Workshop Manual

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7. Remove the protection cover below the engine
8. Remove the PTO belt from the belt pulley on the
cutting deck.
9. Remove the PTO belt from the belt pulley.
10. Remove the pump belt from the hydraulic pump
11. Lift off the pump belt from the engine pulley and
around the starter relay. Make sure not to do
damage to the connection cable of the starter relay.
12. Remove the pump belt through the front part of the
13. Assemble in opposite sequence.
14. Adjust the hydrostatic transmission cable to get the
correct speed. Refer to
transmission cable on page 52 .
56 - Repair instructions
To adjust the hydrostatic

9.6 Transmission maintenance

9.6.1 To replace the oil in the hydrostatic
WARNING: Transmission oil is dangerous. If
you spill transmission oil on your skin, clean
with soap and water.
WARNING: Used oil and filters are dangerous
to the environment. Discard used chemicals at
an applicable disposal location.
Note: It is easier to replace the transmission oil if the
engine is warm.
To keep the hydraulic system
Obey the instructions in
clean on page 44 .
1. Remove the transmission cover. Refer to
the covers on page 23 .
2. Clean the area around the oil openings in the
3. Put a container below the transmission.
4. Open the drain plug.
a) Rear transmission.
b) Front transmission.
5. Open the oil cap.
a) Rear transmission.
To remove
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