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Function Overview; Serial Numbers On The Product; Engine; Steering - Husqvarna P524 EFI Workshop Manual

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8.1 Serial numbers on the product

The product serial number is on the printed type plate
(A) above the right footrest plate. The type plate gives
the designation, the type number from the manufacturer
and the serial number (s/n) of the product.
The engine serial number (B) is on the right side of the


The transmission serial number (C) is behind the wheels
on the right side of the product.
The hydraulic pump serial number (D) is on the right
side of the hydraulic pump.
The type designation is above the bar code and
starts with the letter "K".
The serial number is above the bar code and has
the prefix "s/n".
The type number from the manufacturer is below the
bar code and has the prefix "p/n".
The type designation and serial number are necessary
to complete an order for spare parts.
8.2 Engine
The 2 cylinder, overhead valve engine on this product
has Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI).
Use only original spare parts to repair the engine. The
warranty is not applicable if other parts are used.
Information about engine repairs is not given in this
workshop manual. Information about adjustments and
engine repairs can be found in the manuals from the
manufacturer of the engine. You can get the engine
manual from an approved servicing dealer or download
it from the web site of the engine manufacturer. The
serial number of the engine is necessary to get the
correct manual.

20 - Function overview

8 Function overview

8.3 Steering

The product has hydraulic power steering and
articulated steering. The movement from the steering
wheel moves to the rear axle through a hydraulic
cylinder. This makes the product easy and accurate to
The control unit is connected directly to the steering
wheel and moves the steering cylinder in and out. The
steering cylinder is connected between the chassis and
the rear axle. It is possible to steer if the engine stops
but the steering wheel is heavy to turn. There is 1
hydraulic tank for all hydraulic functions on the product.
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