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Hydraulic System - Husqvarna P524 EFI Workshop Manual

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9.4.2 To replace the fuel filter
1. Remove the engine cover to get access to the fuel
2. Compress the fuel tank hose to prevent leakage.
3. Move the hose clips away from the fuel filter with a
pair of flat pliers.
4. Pull off the fuel filter from the hose ends.
5. Press the new fuel filter into the ends of the hoses.
Apply liquid detergent to the ends of the fuel filter to
make the connection easier.
6. Push the hose clips against the fuel filter.
9.4.3 To replace the fuel tank
1. Remove the fuel hose from the fuel filter. Refer to
replace the fuel filter on page 44 .
2. Remove the left footrest plate. Refer to
the covers on page 23 .
3. Remove the front screw on the fuel tank bracket.
44 - Repair instructions
4. Remove the rear screw from the fuel tank support.
5. Lift the fuel tank.

9.5 Hydraulic system

9.5.1 To keep the hydraulic system clean
Make sure the parts and the area around them are
clean before opening the filling cap or disconnecting
parts of the transmission.
Use clean containers with new oil.
Only use clean oil that has been kept in sealed
Do not use drained oil again.
Obey the oil and filter change intervals specified in
the Servicing Schedule. See
page 12 .
To remove
It is necessary to keep the hydraulic system free from
contamination. Particles caused by the moving parts of
the transmission can cause wear damage and
malfunctions. The transmission oil filter remove
contaminations from the oil. If dirt enters the system the
filters will quickly get blocked and will not work. This will
result in malfunction and it will be necessary to clean the
Do not open the hydraulic system unless it is necessary.
Each time the transmission i opened increases the risk
of contamination although the work is made by a
professional service center.
9.5.2 Oil leaks
Repair oil leaks immediately.
9.5.3 Work procedure
The components must be clean. A replaced component
will possibly be examined with test equipment at a
service center. The component must be in the same
condition when examined as it was when it was
WARNING: Oil is dangerous to the environment
and leakage can cause damage to the lawn.
CAUTION: Oil leakage can cause damage to
the transmission and make it wear it out faster.
Servicing schedule on
662 - 001 - 23.10.2018