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Tire Pressure; To Fill Fuel; To Start The Engine, P524 Efi - Husqvarna P524 EFI Workshop Manual

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4.3 Tire pressure

We recommend a tire pressure of 100 kPa (1.0 bar /
14.5 PSI) on all 4 tires.

4.4 To fill fuel

WARNING: Gasoline is very flammable. Be
careful and refuel outdoors (see
instructions on page 4 ).
WARNING: Do not use the fuel tank as a
support area.
The engine runs on unleaded gasoline with a minimum
octane rating of 95 (not mixed with oil). We recommend
biodegradable alkylate gasoline (max. methanol 5%,
max. ethanol 10%, max. MTBE 15%).
Do a check of the fuel level before each use and refuel if
You can clearly see the fuel level in the fuel tank. Do not
fill too much. Keep a minimum space of 2.5 cm.

4.5 To start the engine, P524 EFI

1. Make sure that the bypass valves are closed. Refer
Bypass valves on page 21 .
2. Apply the parking brake.
3. Push in the PTO button to disengage the drive on
the cutting deck.
662 - 001 - 23.10.2018
4. Turn the ignition key to the start position.
5. When the engine starts, immediately release the
ignition key to neutral position.
Special safety
6. Let the engine run at half throttle for 3-5 minutes
before you apply a heavy load.
7. Push the throttle control to full throttle position.
CAUTION: Do not run the starter for more
than 5 seconds at a time. If the engine does
not start, wait 15 seconds before you try
CAUTION: If the warning lamp for oil
pressure comes on, stop the engine
immediately and refer to
schedule on page 75 .
CAUTION: To engage the blades when the
engine is at full speed causes strain on the drive
belts. Do not apply full throttle until the cutting
deck is lowered to the mow position.
Assembly - 9