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Equipment Frame - Husqvarna P524 EFI Workshop Manual

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7. Attach the blades.

9.8 Equipment frame

9.8.1 To disassemble the equipment frame
1. Remove the cutting deck. Refer to
cutting deck on page 63 .
2. Push down the equipment frame. Lift the equipment
frame lock to vertical position.
3. Measure the adjustment screw positions. Make a
note of the values and use them as initial values
when you assemble the equipment frame.
4. Loosen the adjustment screws.
5. Remove the left footrest plate. Refer to
the covers on page 23 .
662 - 001 - 23.10.2018
6. Remove the automatic belt tensioner stay.
To remove the
7. Release the lift chain from the equipment frame.
8. Remove the protection cover on the equipment
9. Release the belt from the equipment frame.
10. Remove the rear joint screws on the equipment
11. Pull the equipment frame fully rearward to release
12. Release spring tension fully.
13. Release the springs.
To remove
frame to lower it.
the left side of the equipment frame.
Repair instructions - 69