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Steering - Husqvarna P524 EFI Workshop Manual

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14. Pull the equipment frame forward.
9.8.2 To assemble the equipment frame
1. Put the equipment frame into position. Make sure
that the height adjustment stay is attached to the
equipment frame.
2. Attach the springs to the equipment frame.
3. Assemble the equipment frame in opposite
sequence of
To disassemble the equipment frame
on page 69
4. Put the chain into position and lock it with the stay
when you can see one chain link.
5. Tighten the springs and assemble the cutting deck.
6. Do a check of the ground pressure. Adjust the
ground pressure if it is necessary. Refer to
examine and adjust the ground pressure from the
cutting deck on page 64 .
70 - Repair instructions

9.9 Steering

9.9.1 To disassemble the steering cylinder
1. Start the engine and turn the steering wheel fully to
the right.
2. Stop the engine.
3. Disconnect the 2 hydraulic hoses from the steering
4. Put protective plugs in the hydraulic hoses and the
protective cover on the steering cylinder.
5. Remove the shaft with the locking plate to loosen
the rear end of the steering cylinder.
6. Remove the shaft with the locking plate from the
front of the steering cylinder and cut the cable tie.
Remove the steering cylinder.
9.9.2 To assemble the steering cylinder
1. Assemble in opposite sequence to
the steering cylinder on page 70 .
2. Put a new cable tie on the cable at the front shaft
locking plate.
3. Start the engine.
4. Turn the steering wheel fully to the left and right
again and again to bleed the steering cylinder.
5. Do a check for leakage from the hydraulic
connections of the steering cylinder.
6. Lubricate the steering cylinder through the grease
7. Do a check of the oil level in the hydraulic oil tank.
Refer to
hydraulic system on page 46 .
To do a check of the oil level in the
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To disassemble