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Hydrostatic Transmission; Bypass Valves; Cutting Deck; Hydraulic Lift For The Cutting Deck - Husqvarna P524 EFI Workshop Manual

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8.4 Hydrostatic transmission

The product has hydrostatic transmission.
The hydraulic pump and the transmissions are 3
different units.
The front and rear transmission have a hydraulic motor
and a gearbox with differential and output shafts. The
hydraulic motor and the gearbox are not connected to
each other and have different oil sources.
To move the product when the engine is stopped, the
hydraulic pressure must be released.

8.5 Bypass valves

The product has 2 bypass valves, one bypass valve for
the front transmission and one for the rear transmission.
The hydraulic motors are bypassed when a bypass
valve is open.
To operate the product forward, the bypass valve for the
front transmission must be closed. To operate the
product rearward, the bypass valve for the rear
transmission must be closed.
To move the product when the engine is stopped, the
bypass valves must be open.
8.5.1 To open and close the bypass valves
Bypass valve of the rear transmission.
662 - 001 - 23.10.2018
Bypass valve of the front transmission.
1. Loosen the locknut (A) ¼ - ½ turn.
2. Turn the bypass valve (B) 2 turns counterclockwise.
3. To close the bypass valve, tighten the bypass valve
4. Tighten the locknut (A) 30-35 Nm.

8.6 Cutting deck

The cutting decks for this product are Combi cutting
decks with BioClip. BioClip cuts the grass into fertilizer.
The Combi cutting decks can also be used without
BioClip. Without BioClip the grass is ejected to the rear.

8.7 Hydraulic lift for the cutting deck

A hydraulic cylinder lifts and lowers the cutting deck.
The hydraulic cylinder turns a shaft and moves a chain
that is attached to the equipment frame.
(B) 8-10 Nm.
Function overview - 21