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Restriction For Use - Mitsubishi Electric KD Series User Manual

Contact image sensor, web surface inspection
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Thank you very much for purchasing Mitsubishi Electric Contact Image
Sensor (CIS). This document contains information that introduces how to
use this product appropriately and safely. Read through this document
carefully before starting to use this product in your equipment or system.
Do not use this product for specific and particular applications (aerospace
application, combustive equipment, transportation equipment, life-support
system, safety device, etc.) where special quality and reliability are required and
failure or malfunction could directly threaten people's lives, or do harm to the
human body. Do not use for applications other than the standard applications
intended by Mitsubishi Electric. If you plan to use such particular applications,
contact our sales department personnel before doing so.
Determine the applicability of this product to your equipment or devices through
an appropriate analysis or evaluation by the designer of such equipment or
devices, or personnel related to the specification. Such designers or personnel
shall warrant the performance and safety of your equipment or devices such as
dust-proof, water-proof, EMC and EMI, by themselves.
Design, specification and the contents of this document are subject to change
without notice.
© Mitsubishi Electric Corporation



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