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Mitsubishi Electric KD Series User Manual page 44

Contact image sensor, web surface inspection
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【Remark】 How to install CIS into your equipment
①Attach CIS to your system at both end sides of CIS
by M4 screws.
Focal point is defined the position from the datum holes
at the end of CIS.
There is the focal point of CIS at 62.5mm from the datum holes.
②There are 4screw holes(M4) each end side of CIS (total 8 screw
holes). Use datum holes (φ3 hole and 3x4slot ) to make sure the
CIS is on the right position.
③Please fasten between CIS and your equipment
by M4 screws with 4 internal threads in front of CIS.
Use 2 datum holes (3x4slot or 3x5slot) to make sure the CIS is
on the right position.
Furthermore, when the CIS is installed to your equipment,
to absorb small deformation of CIS(for example, the bend of
aluminum parts of CIS),
please make the through holes to fix between CIS
and your equipment in the bracket prepared by customer as slot.
(Detail is shown in next page.)
④To install CIS in your system, please use all
of fastening points (12points).
Recommended way to fasten torque is shown in below table.
Material of screw
Fastening torque [N・cm]
Iron (strength ranking 4.6)
Stainless (SUS 304)
Brass (C3601BD)
⑤A frame of CIS is made of aluminum. When fasten a
screw, be careful about thread damage of screw hole.
⑥Pin length for adjusting position of CIS is 5.0mm or less.
⑦Maximum product length of this product is 1.7m. When
this product is carried or installed into your system, please
be careful surrounding you and this product. And please do
not hit anything.
3-1 Installation
3-1-7 Both Side of CIS
Bracket prepared
by customer
3-1-8 The view of fixing construction in front of CIS from side
165 ± 16
144 ± 14
96 ± 9
Detail B(Cross section)
Pin Length
5.0mm max.
Pin Length
5.0mm max.
Bracket prepared by
© Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
Bracket prepared by


Table of Contents

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