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Procedure Of Function Settings - Mitsubishi Electric KD Series User Manual

Contact image sensor, web surface inspection
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5-2 Procedure of function settings

5-2-1 Procedure of function settings
System Boot completion
Send Initial settings
Input Sync. Signal ※
⑪Dark Correction ※
Illumination (LED)
Control (ON)
⑫White Correction ※
Start data output
①Initial Setting Select-1
②Initial Setting Select-2
③UART Communication Setting
④Output Mode Setting
⑤Switching Output Clock Frequency
⑥Switching Number of Output Channel
⑦Switching Resolution
⑧Sync Signal Setting
⑨Illumination (LED) Control
⑩Illumination (LED) Setting
/⑰Electric Shutter setting
⑲Output width setting
※When using Dark/White
Correction, please provide
continuous External Triggers or
select Internal Sync mode.
Output external illumination sync
trigger signal for DXL series
⑭Line Adjustment
⑮γ correction
⑯Mono output mode
⑱Overwrap output setting
Camera Link® is a registered trademark of AIA (Automated Imaging Association).
[Procedure of function settings]
1) This product contains several image processing function that
can be controlled over UART via Camera Link®.
2) Procedure of several function settings is described on the left
chart. Change each respective settings for your applications.
① Initial Setting Select-1
② Initial Setting Select-2
③ UART Communication Setting
④ Output Mode Setting
⑤ Switching Output Clock Frequency
⑥ Switching Number of Output Channel
⑦ Switching Resolution
⑧ Sync Signal Setting (Internal/External)
⑨ Illumination (LED) Control
⑩ Illumination (LED) Setting ⑰Electric Shutter Setting
⑪ Dark Correction
⑫ White Correction
⑭ Line Adjustment
⑮ γ Correction
⑯ Mono output mode
⑱ Overlap Output setting
⑲ Output width setting
3) Control several functions (such as Dark/White Corrections) white
monitoring a time-dependent output-change in a continuous
1) When using Dark/White Correction, provide continuous External
Triggers or select Internal Sync. mode.
2) Generate your Dark/White Correction data every time when you
scan your object.
© Mitsubishi Electric Corporation



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