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Warranty - Mitsubishi Electric KD Series User Manual

Contact image sensor, web surface inspection
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1-4-1 Warranty
Mitsubishi Electric warrants this product in conformity with the specification specified only in
Datasheet and Manual of this product within Warranty period.
(Mitsubishi Electric does not warrant any devices, equipments, and systems, which comprise this
1-4-2 Warranty period
12 months from the ex-factory date.
1-4-3 Contents of warranty
If any product failure or defect which is recognized to happen under Mitsubishi Electric's
responsibility is found within the warranty period, any repair services at Mitsubishi Electric's own
expense or replacements with the same product under the scope of product specification shall be
1-4-4 Out of Warranty
Notwithstanding above, this product shall not be warranted in the following circumstances.
● In case of out of warranty period.
● In case of improper handling, use or repair by any other party than Mitsubishi Electric.
● In case of improper conditions that are not stipulated in the data sheet or the manual and
damage this product by direct sunlight, water, any chemicals, external pressure etc.
The cost of repair or replacement shall be charged to the customer who requested to repair the Out of
Warranty product. Also, Mitsubishi Electric shall not be liable to any indirect damages, consequential
damages, etc. related to the product.
© Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Table of Contents

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