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Definition - Mitsubishi Electric KD Series User Manual

Contact image sensor, web surface inspection
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2-3 Definition

【White output and Dark output uniformity】
White output
Dark output
Pixel in scan
【Definition of CIS output】
This product comprises CMOS sensor IC which each pixel
has each DC offset and variation of sensitivity. And the
variation of lens and light intensity also affect the CIS
DVp max.
output. CIS output is defined in below.
DVp min.
1. Dark output uniformity
Dark output uniformity is an output uniformity when the
DVd max.
illumination is turned OFF.
Dark output is defined as maximum value DVd max.
2. White output uniformity
White output after Dark correction (DVEp) means white
output value after subtracting dark output from sensor
output pixel by pixel . DVEp is calculated as follows;
DVEp(n) = DVp(n) – DVd0(n).
White output uniformity (UEp) indicates the output variation
when this product is scanning white reference chart.
White output uniformity is calculated as follows;
UEp = ( DVEp max.- DVEp min.)/DVEp max.
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