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Mitsubishi Electric KD Series User Manual page 58

Contact image sensor, web surface inspection
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3-3 Connections
3-3-4 DXL-NL series illumination (LED)
control signal output
(This cable is not included in the CIS product)
Non-illumination type CIS (DXL-NL series) outputs a
trigger signal from connector L1, that is used to synchronize
the output of this product with an external illumination. When
using this trigger signal for the external illumination control,
connect ⑦External illumination control cable to the
connector L1.
2) Fix CIS connectors and the cable by screws
CIS has locknut D20418-J3R (JAE) (M2.6, female).
Use M2.6 screw, M2.5 screw, M2.6 type JAE Lock screw,
etc., which are applicable to fasten cable connectors.
Recommended tightening torque is 16 - 20 N*cm.
1) Do not screw with higher torque than recommended.
Otherwise, locknut on CIS may be loosened or removed, when
you remove screws.
2) CIS does not support hot-swap.
Make sure to power off CIS before connecting / removing
cables. If the cables are connected / removed while
powered on, it may cause failure on CIS.
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Table of Contents

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