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Equipment Frame - Husqvarna R 318X Workshop Manual

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7. Remove the protective washer.
8. Make a mark on one end of the shaft. Push out the
shaft with a puller. Tap out the bearing and remove
the spacer.
9.6.11 To sharpen and balance the blades
WARNING: Use protective gloves to prevent
1. Remove the blades. Refer to
blade bearings on page 56 .
2. Put the blades in a vise.
3. Sharpen the blades with a file.
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To disassemble the
4. To balance the blades put a rod horizontally in a
5. Put the center hole of the blade on the end of the
6. If the blade rotates, remove material with the file at
the end of the blade that points down. Do this until
the blade is correctly balanced.
7. Attach the blades.

9.7 Equipment frame

9.7.1 To remove the equipment frame
1. Remove the cutting deck. See
deck on page 11 .
2. Measure the adjustment screw positions. Make a
note of the values and use them as initial values
when assembling.
3. Remove the adjustment screws to release the
To remove the cutting
Repair instructions - 57



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