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Propulsion System - Husqvarna R 318X Workshop Manual

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8. Attach the new bearings.
9. Assemble in opposite sequence.
10. Do a check of the tension of the steering cable.
To examine and adjust the steering cables
Refer to
on page 58 .
11. Do a check that the speed control and cables are
correctly adjusted. Refer to
cable on page 49 .
12. Bleed the hydraulic system and fill the transmission
oil tank with oil. Refer to
on page 43 .
13. Do a function test of the product.

9.2 Propulsion system

9.2.1 To remove and install the engine
1. Remove the engine cover. Refer to
engine cover on page 21 .
2. Disconnect the ground terminal (A) and then the
positive terminal (B). Refer to
page 4 .
3. Lift the battery.
4. Remove the nut and disconnect the cable between
the starter relay and the starter.
28 - Repair instructions
Hydrostatic transmission
To bleed the drive system
To remove the
Risk of sparks on
5. Disconnect the electrical connectors from the
6. Loosen the clips that hold the throttle cable and, if
attached, the choke cable. Disconnect the cables
from the carburetor casing.
7. Remove the hose clamps adjacent to the fuel filter
and pull the fuel hose down. A small quantity of fuel
can come from the hose or fuel filter.
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