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Lubrication - Brother BAS-341H Instruction Manual

Direct drive programmable electronic pattern sewer
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3-18. Lubrication

Do not connect the power cord until lubrication is complete.
If the foot switch is depressed by mistake, the sewing machine might start operating and injury could result.
Be sure to wear protective goggles and gloves when handling the lubricating oil and grease, so that they do not get into
your eyes or onto your skin. If the oil and grease get into your eyes or onto your skin, inflammation can result.
Furthermore, do not drink or eat the lubricating oil or grease. They may cause diarrhea or vomiting.
Keep the oil out of the reach of children.
・ The sewing machine should always be lubricated and the oil
supply replenished before it is used for the first time, and
also after long periods of non-use.
・ Use only the lubricating oil <JX Nippon Oil & Energy
Corporation Sewing Lube N10; VG10> specified by Brother.
* If this type of lubricating oil is difficult to obtain, the
recommended oil to use is <Exxon Mobil Essotex SM10;
1. Fill the arm oil tank and the bed oil tank with oil.
Be sure to add more oil when the oil level drops down
to about one-third full in the oil gauge window (1). If the
oil drops below the one-third full level in the oil gauge
window (1), there is the danger that the sewing
machine may seize during operation.
2. Pour oil in through the two holes of the shuttle race base
assembly so that the felt (2) is lightly moistened. If it is
difficult to add oil, you can also remove the rubber cap (3)
and pour in the oil through the hole.
• The two pieces of felt (2) should normally project by 0
to 0.5 mm from the hook race. Be careful not to push
in the felt (2) when lubricating.
• If there is no more oil on the felt (2) of the shuttle race
base assembly, problems with sewing may result.
3. If using the needle cooler (4), fill it with silicon oil (100
(Refer to "4-3. Threading the upper thread" for details on
using the needle cooler (4).)
BAS-341H, BAS-342H


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