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Brother BAS-341H Instruction Manual page 6

Direct drive programmable electronic pattern sewer
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Maintenance and inspection of the sewing machine
should only be carried out by a qualified technician.
Ask your Brother dealer or a qualified electrician to
carry out any maintenance and inspection of the
electrical system.
Turn off the power switch and disconnect the power
cord before carrying out the following operations. If
the foot switch is depressed by mistake, the sewing
machine might start operating and injury could result.
• Inspection, adjustment and maintenance
• Replacing consumable parts such as the rotary
Disconnect the air hoses from the air supply and wait
for the needle on the pressure gauge to drop to "0"
before carrying out inspection, adjustment and repair
of any parts which use the pneumatic equipment.
Maintenance and inspection
BAS-341H, BAS-342H
Hold the machine head with both hands when tilting it
back or returning it to its original position.
In addition, do not subject the machine head to extra
force while it is tilted back. If this is not observed, the
machine head may become unbalanced and fall
down, and serious injury or damage to the sewing
machine may result.
If the power switch needs to be left on when carrying
out some adjustment, be extremely careful to observe
all safety precautions.
accessories, be sure to use only genuine Brother
Brother will not be held responsible for any accidents
or problems resulting from the use of non-genuine
If any safety devices have been removed, be
absolutely sure to re-install them to their original
positions and check that they operate correctly before
using the machine.
To prevent accidents and problems, do not modify
the machine yourself.
Brother will not be held responsible for any accidents
or problems resulting from modifications made to the



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