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Standard Adjustments; Adjusting The Sensitivity Of The Thread Breakage Sensor - Brother BAS-341H Instruction Manual

Direct drive programmable electronic pattern sewer
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Maintenance and inspection of the sewing machine
should only be carried out by a qualified technician.
Ask your Brother dealer or a qualified electrician to
carry out any maintenance and inspection of the
electrical system.
Turn off the power switch and disconnect the power
cord before carrying out the following operations.
If the foot switch is depressed by mistake, the sewing
achine might start operating and injury could result.
・ Inspection, adjustment and maintenance
Replacing consumable parts such as the rotary
Disconnect the air hoses from the air supply and wait
for the needle on the pressure gauge to drop to "0"
before carrying out inspection, adjustment and repair
of any parts which use the pneumatic equipment.
If the power switch and air need to be left on when
carrying out some adjustment, be extremely careful
to observe all safety precautions.

7-1. Adjusting the sensitivity of the thread breakage sensor

Hold the machine head with both hands when tilting it
back or returning it to its original position.
In addition, do not subject the machine head to extra
force while it is tilted back. If this is not observed, the
machine head may become unbalanced and fall
down, and serious injury or damage to the sewing
machine may result.
Be sure to wear protective goggles and gloves when
handling the lubricating oil and grease, so that they
do not get into your eyes or onto your skin. If the oil
and grease get into your eyes or onto your skin,
inflammation can result.
Furthermore, do not drink or eat the lubricating oil or
grease. They may cause diarrhea or vomiting.
Keep the oil out of the reach of children.
If any safety devices have been removed, be
absolutely sure to re-install them to their original
positions and check that they operate correctly
before using the machine.
Open the cover (1) and remove the upper thread from
the photo sensor (2).
Turn the control (3) to the right <a> until the LED (4)
Turn the control (3) to the left <b> until the LED (4)
switches off,
Place the upper thread into the photo sensor (2), and
close the cover (1).
Thread breakages may be difficult to detect depending
on the thickness of the thread and the type of material
adjust the sensitivity, or change the number of stitches
for judgment of an upper thread breakage.
* Contact the place of purchase for information on
changing the number of stitches for judgment of an
upper thread breakage.
・If foreign objects get into the photo sensor (2), it will not
be possible to detect thread breakages. Clean inside
the photo sensor (2) to keep it free from dust and other
foreign particles.
・ If applying silicone to the thread, apply the silicone
between the thread breakage detector and the thread
take-up. If silicone is applied to the thread before it
passes through the photo sensor (2), the sensor
window inside the photo sensor (2) will become dirty
and it will not be possible to detect thread breakages.
BAS-341H, BAS-342H
sewn. In such cases, turn the control (3) to



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