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(3) Ethernet module
(a) Always earth the AUI cable connected to the A1SJ71E71-B5. The AUI
is a shielded cable so remove the outer insulation and connect to
earth the exposed shield section using as wide a surface area as
possible in the manner shown below.
(b) Always use a triaxial cable for the coaxial cable connected to the
A1SJ71E71-B2. The earthing precautions are the same as (1).
(c) For A1SJ71E71-B2/B5, always mount a ferrite core in addition to
items (1) and (2) above. Use of the TDK ZCAT3035 ferrite core is
(4) Positioning Modules
(a) When wiring with a 2m (6.6ft.) or less cable
Ground the shield section of the external wiring cable with the cable
(Ground the shield at the closest location to the AD75 external wiring
Wire the external wiring cable to the drive unit and external device
with the shortest distance.
Install the drive unit in the same panel.
AUI cable
External wiring connector
Cable clamp
External wiring cable (within 2m (6.56 ft.))
Drive unit


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