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Use the PLC in an environment that meets the general specifications
contained in this manual. Using this PLC in an environment outside the
range of the general specifications could result in electric shock, fire,
erroneous operation, and damage to or deterioration of the product.
Hold down the module loading lever at the module bottom, and securely
insert the module fixing latch into the fixing hole in the base unit.
Incorrect loading of the module can cause a malfunction, failure or drop.
When using the PLC in the environment of much vibration, tighten the
module with a screw.
Tighten the screw in the specified torque range. Undertightening can
cause a drop, short circuit or malfunction. Overtightening can cause a
drop, short circuit or malfunction due to damage to the screw or module.
When installing extension cables, be sure that the connectors of base
unit are installed correctly. After installation, check them for looseness.
Poor connections could cause an input or output failure.
Correctly connect the memory cassette installation connector to the
memory cassette. After installation, be sure that the connection is not
loose. A poor connection could cause an operation failure.
Completely turn off the external power supply before loading or
unloading the module. Not doing so could result in electric shock or
damage to the product.
Do not directly touch the module's conductive parts or electronic
components. Touching the conductive parts could cause an operation
failure or give damage to the module.


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