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Frequently Asked Questions - Philips Analogue monitor SCD450 User Manual

Philips two-way radio user manual.
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Frequently asked questions

Why does a new rechargeable
battery pack has no full
operating time capacity after
the first charge?
My rechargeable battery pack
has very short duration.Why?
The charging light (C-6) on
the small parent unit charging
base (C-5) remains lit red,
even after the full charge
When installed on the
charging base, the small parent
unit cannot be switched on
Parent units react too slow /
late on baby's cry.
Parent units react too quick
on other ambient sounds.
The link is lost every now and
then, sound interruptions etc.
It takes about 3 times full recharge and discharges before the
rechargeable NiMH batteries have their full capacity available.
Leaving the rechargeable battery pack continuously connected
to a charging unit can shorten it's lifetime. If the product is not
used for some time, the charged battery pack slowly looses it's
load.This is normal; a short recharge will bring it back to it's full
capacity again.
The charging light (C-6) is always activated as soon as the
parent unit is installed. It gradually dims when the batteries are
fully charged but remains lit, indicating that the parent unit is
At this point your battery is probably completely empty. After
some 30 minutes of charging it will be possible to switch the
parent unit on, while installed on the charging unit.
Set microphone sensitivity on the baby unit to a higher level
and / or move the baby unit closer to the baby (keep minimal
distance of 1 meter / 3 feet).
Set microphone sensitivity on the baby unit to a lower level
and/or move the baby unit closer to the baby (keep minimal
distance of 1 meter / 3 feet).
You are probably approaching the outer boundaries of the
practical range.Try a different location or reduce the distance
slightly. Please note that it takes about 30 seconds each time
before a new link is established.



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