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Installer Mode 6 (Clear Tampers); Installer Mode 7 (System Log View) - Honeywell OMNI 408 Installation And Setup Manual

Fbii hardwired/wireless system
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OMNI-408/OMNI-408EU Installation and Setup Guide

Installer Mode 6 (Clear Tampers)

This mode clears all tamper displays that have been restored, and it is an engineering reset function.
Refer to Question 39, Location 1 to enable. Otherwise, user resets tamper.

Installer Mode 7 (System Log View)

The system retains history of the past 128 events (alarms, troubles, openings, closings, bypasses, etc.).
Upon entry to the system log view, LCD-based keypads show the events for the entire system. The
time may be displayed in 24-hour or am/pm format, and the date may have either the day or month
displayed first, depending on programming. When the log is viewed through the quick command, the
Clear Log function is blocked.
Pressing either the [STAY] or the [∗] key exits this mode.
Pressing the [#] key advances to the next valid entry.
Pressing the [CODE] key displays previous events.
Pressing the [BYPASS] key clears the log.
LCD keypads display events as follows:
20 APR, 10:38
Line 1: event number (L001-L128), event display, zone no. (01-08), or user no. (01-06).
Line 2: date and time
Event Displays
System Troubles
System AC loss
System Low Batt
Comm. Fail
CS Test
System Download
Special Alarms
Keypad * & #
Keypad 7 & 9
Keypad 1 & 3
Keypad Duress
Keypad Tamper
* Opening and Closing User numbers for keyfobs are automatically determined by the keyfob
number. The User numbers for keyfobs are as follows:
Keyfob 1 = User 9
Keyfob 2 = User 10
Keyfob 3 = User 11
ZN 01
Lnnn AC Loss
Lnnn Batt. Fail
Lnnn Comm. Fail
Lnnn CS Test
Lnnn Downloaded
Lnnn Keypad *&#
Lnnn Keypad 7&9
Lnnn Keypad 1&3
Lnnn Duress
Lnnn Key Tamper
Special Arming
Quick Arm
Quick Force Arm Stay
Key Arm
Remote Arm
Auto Arm
Other Events
Zone Low Battery
Zone Supervision
Zone Tamper
Keyfob 4 = User 12
Keyfob 5 = User 13
Keyfob 6 = User 14
Lnnn Clo User 01
Lnnn Clo User 01
Lnnn Keysw Armed
Lnnn Remote Arm
Lnnn Auto Armed
Lnnn Alarm Zn xx
Lnnn Troub Zn xx
Lnnn Lo Bat Zn xx
Lnnn Super Zn xx
Lnnn Tampr Zn xx
Lnnn Opn User xx
Lnnn Clo User xx


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