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Reset; Bypass; Multiple Bypasses - Honeywell OMNI 408 Installation And Setup Manual

Fbii hardwired/wireless system
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The system will be armed with the interior zones bypassed and the delay zones instant.
NOTE: The STAY/INSTANT mode can be enabled with Programming Question 10, L3.
TO DISARM: Enter any valid four-digit user code and the ARM LED will extinguish.
If an alarm condition exists or occurred while the system was armed, the respective zone LED will
blink rapidly. This condition is classified as Alarm Memory and can be cleared by entering a valid user
code again.


After an alarm occurs, the system enters Alarm Memory mode either after bell timeout or by a user
entering a valid user code, silencing the bell and keypad buzzer. The alarm memory and
communications failure can be cleared by entering a valid user code. If a fire alarm occurs,
then clearing Alarm Memory resets the smoke detectors for approximately 8 seconds.
In addition, you can use the [*] key to act as a fire reset.


Bypassing is performed to temporarily exclude zones that are faulty or not ready from activating the
If Quick Bypass is not enabled, then press the [BYPASS] key, followed by any valid 4-digit user code,
followed by a number from 1 to 8 which represents the zone to be bypassed.
Example: To bypass Zone 2 (assuming a user code of 1234), press:
[BYPASS] [1] [2] [3] [4] [2]

Multiple Bypasses

Multiple bypasses can be made by pressing the [BYPASS] key and then pressing another zone number
within a 10-second period. After this 10-second period, the entire command, including the user code,
must be entered.
After a successful bypass, an acknowledge beep sounds at the keypad sounder, and the respective
zone's LED blinks slowly.
The bypass rules are:
• Fire zones cannot be bypassed.
• 24-hour zones can be bypassed; however, they cannot be unbypassed if they are violated.
• Zones can be bypassed only while the system is disarmed, at which time visual indication is
• Bypass signals are transmitted to the central station UPON ARMING if a bypass code has been
Zones that are bypassed are not protected when the system is armed.
Section 4 – System Operations


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