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View Time (Lcd Keypad Only) [#] [7] - Honeywell OMNI 408 Installation And Setup Manual

Fbii hardwired/wireless system
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View Time (LCD Keypad Only) [#] [7]

This quick command is always enabled. Pressing [#] [7] will display the date and time in the keypad
Toggle Pager [#] [8]
This quick-command feature provides any user the ability to toggle on or off open/close events, if the
events are enabled, by tripping the pager. This feature is non-selectable. The feature toggles an
internal bit that indicates to the system if the feature is engaged or not. There is no visual indication
with this feature, only an acknowledgement tone upon pressing [#] [8].
On-Line Download [#] [9]
If programmed (see Programming Question 07, Location 4), the user can initiate a remote
communications session with the central station downloading computer at the control panel. Typically,
a remote communications session is initiated by the central station. On-line downloading allows the
user to call the office, discuss the action required, and allows the central station operator to complete
the request while on-line. No additional telephone call is needed. On-line connection can be made as
The user dials the central station downloading modem telephone line from the premises
telephone line that the alarm system uses. Connection is made with a person at the central
station downloading computer, and the account to be downloaded is verbally identified. The
CS computer attempts to establish a connection with the site.
The user is instructed to enter [#] [9] on the keypad, which causes the control panel to react as
if it had received a request for a remote communications session and to look for the standard
panel to central station protocol.
Once the standard connection is made, the remote communications session can take place
(upload, download, and remote commands).
The user hangs up the telephone to prevent interference that may affect upload/download
data. The downloader software automatically terminates the connection after remote
communications end.
Section 5 – Quick Command Modes
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