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Keypad Sounder - Honeywell OMNI 408 Installation And Setup Manual

Fbii hardwired/wireless system
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OMNI-408/OMNI-408EU Installation and Setup Guide
Pressing the auxiliary keys (XK108: two keys labeled P, A, or F at the same time; OMNI-LCD/OMNI-
LCD-US/XK7LC/OMNI-KP/OMNI-KP-US: ∗/#, 1/3, 7/9) initiates a CS transmission, if programmed, of
programmed functions (e.g., PANIC, AUXILIARY, or FIRE), and causes annunciation of the keypad
sounder and turns on the bell output.
See the "Keypad Emergency Conditions" paragraph for alternate auxiliary keys.

Keypad Sounder

The sounder (or loudspeaker) housed inside the keypad emits (annunciates) sounds according to the
condition of the security system.
Enabling Keypad Sounder:
XK7LC: Set the 4th DIP switch on the back of the keypad (remove cover) on or off to turn sounder
OMNI-KP/OMNI-KP-US/OMNI-LCD/OMNI-LCD-US: Press and hold the [CODE] and [BYPASS] keys
to toggle the sounder on/off.
The keypad sounder annunciates differently to indicate the following conditions:
Chime Acknowledge
Sounder Ringback
Fast Pulsing Sounder
The keypad is NOT operational if none of the LEDs are lit and the keypad does not beep when

keys are pressed. This is an indication that service is required. Consult the troubleshooting
section of this manual.
A short chirp confirms each keystroke.
A steady sound during entry time and/or during burglary alarm.
Steady 1-second tone (SYSTEM DISARMED ONLY). Upon successful entry of
certain commands, the system will sound for approximately half a second.
A pulsing sound (approximately half a second ON, then OFF) indicates a
trouble condition such as AC loss, low battery, or fire trouble.
Upon entry of an illegal command, the keypad will sound four short beeps. For
example, if you attempt to define a new user and do not enter the master user,
you will hear four short beeps indicating that the command was unsuccessful.
Several short beeps to indicate successful communication to the central station.
This occurs for all signals, excluding ambush and silent zones.
Sound generated during entry time period AFTER an alarm condition has
occurred and the system reached bell cutoff. A pulsing sounder will follow the
bell output on fire conditions. Trouble conditions also generate a pulsing
sounder and may be silenced through entry of a valid user code.


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