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Installer Mode 4 (On-Line Download); Installer Mode 5 (Walk Test - Reduced Gain Mode) - Honeywell OMNI 408 Installation And Setup Manual

Fbii hardwired/wireless system
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4. Go to Programming Question 02 by entering [*] [0] [2]. Enter the desired account number, following
each digit with [#]. This will be used by the CS downloading computer to determine the proper
account information to download to this subscriber. The account number must be 6 digits in length.
The downloader's account designator, not the account number, will be communicated to the receiver.
For ID's less than 6 digits long, you must enter leading 0's to make the number 6 digits long.
Example: For ID 345, enter [0] [#] [0] [#] [0] [#] [3] [#] [4] [#] [5] [#].
5. Press the [STAY] key to exit Programming mode. The control panel now dials the downloading
computer telephone number entered into the callback number. (If you have not already selected the
Unattended Communications option from the main menu of the downloading computer, select it
before continuing.) Upon connection with the computer, the system obtains the customer account
number programmed in step 3 and performs the desired download operation.
NOTE: The CS downloading computer must be waiting in the Unattended Communications option and
preprogrammed with the account information in order for the Unattended Download to be functional.

Installer Mode 4 (On-Line Download)

In this mode (enabled in Question 7, Location 4), the installer can initiate a remote communications
session with the CS Downloading computer at the control panel location. Typically, a remote
communications session is initiated by the CS. On-line downloading allows the installer to call the
office (from the same telephone line as the panel), discuss the action required, and allow the CS
operator to complete the request while on-line. No additional telephone call is needed. On-line
connection can be made as follows:
1. After completing the installation, attach a handset to the telco terminals (tip and ring) or use a
standard telephone to dial the CS downloading modem telephone line. Connection is made with a
person at the CS downloading computer and the account to be downloaded is verbally identified. The
downloading computer operator selects "On-line Remote Operations" from the Device menu.
2. Enter the on-line download sequence: [CODE] [*] Installer Code [4] or use the end-user command of
[#] [9], if enabled. This causes the control panel to react as if it has received a request for a remote
communications session, and to look for the standard panel to CS protocol.
3. Once the standard connection is made, the necessary remote communications sessions can take
place (Upload, Download, and Remote commands).
4. Hang up the telephone or remove headset from the line to prevent interference that may affect
upload/download data. The downloader software automatically terminates the connection after
remote communications end.

Installer Mode 5 (Walk Test - Reduced Gain Mode)

This mode tests the RF receiver in a Reduced Gain mode. This mode is maintained until the [STAY]
key is pressed. The keypad displays this mode by pulsing the ARM, AC/LB, and READY LEDs. An LED
that is steadily on indicates the zone that is currently faulted. A blinking LED indicates the zone has
restored. The keypad sounder is activated on faulting and restoring of zones. To exit, press the [STAY]
key to cause a complete system reset.
All RF zones must be returned to normal before exiting Walk Test mode (i.e., doors and
windows should be closed). If these RF zones are not returned to normal, they will be
displayed as normal even though they are actually faulted.
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