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Data Entry Via Fixed-Word Keypad - Honeywell OMNI 408 Installation And Setup Manual

Fbii hardwired/wireless system
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OMNI-408/OMNI-408EU Installation and Setup Guide

Data Entry via Fixed-Word Keypad

The following paragraphs provide an explanation of how to use a Fixed-Word keypad for data entry.
Enter Programming Mode via Keypad
The System Programming mode can be entered ONLY WHILE DISARMED, as follows:
To enter Installer Programming: Press [Code] [*] 4-digit Installer code (default 2468). The keypad
Press [1]. The keypad briefly displays PL followed by:
ALARM indicates that a question
number is being displayed and
01 is the question number.
After a brief pause, the keypad displays:
The number 1 indicates that you
are displaying the content of
location 1 in the current question
while X will be the actual content
of the location.
Entering Data
This section of the guide describes the physical keystrokes to enter the data written on the program
System Program mode starts with question 1 displayed. Direct jumps to any question can be made by
pressing the [*] key and the 2-digit question number for system questions or by pressing the [*] key
followed by the [#] key and then the 2-digit question number for RF questions.
Questions can be accessed directly or sequentially.
Example: To jump to question 07, Press [*] [0] [7]
Movement from location 1 to the next location within any question can be performed by pressing the [#]
key. The data that will be changed by a key entry slowly blinks in the data area of the display.
Movement Between Questions
Movement Within Questions
STAY indicates that you are in the system
programming mode.
STAY indicates that you are in the system
programming mode. If you select an RF
question, INSTANT and BYPASS will also be
displayed under STAY indicating RF


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