Honeywell NOTIFIER NFW-100X Operating Instructions Manual

Honeywell NOTIFIER NFW-100X Operating Instructions Manual

Addressable fire alarm control panel
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Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel
Document LS10131-001NF-E Rev: C
7/25/2018 ECN: 18-323



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  • Page 1 Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel NFW-100X Manual Document LS10131-001NF-E Rev: C 7/25/2018 ECN: 18-323...
  • Page 2 Fire Alarm & Emergency Communication System Limitations While a life safety system may lower insurance rates, it is not a substitute for life and property insurance! An automatic fire alarm system—typically made up of smoke Heat detectors do not sense particles of combustion and alarm detectors, heat detectors, manual pull stations, audible warning only when heat on their sensors increases at a predetermined rate devices, and a fire alarm control panel (FACP) with remote notifica-...
  • Page 3: Installation Precautions

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  • Page 4: Section 4: Operating Instructions

    Section 4: Operating Instructions 4.1 Panel Control Buttons 4.1.1 Acknowledge The first press of the Acknowledge key silences the piezo sounder, changes flashing LEDs to steady, and also changes the status field on the LCD display from capital letters to small letters. When the piezo is silenced, an acknowledge message is sent to the printer and the history file.
  • Page 5: Normal Operation

    Normal Operation Operating Instructions Disabled This is a yellow LED that flashes to indicate that a zone, NAC, detector or module has been temporarily disabled in programming by the user. Maintenance This is a yellow LED that flashes to indicate that a smoke detector requires cleaning or replacement due to an invalid chamber reading or excessive drift.
  • Page 6: Alarm Operation

    Operating Instructions Alarm Operation  <NOUN>; refers to the user programmed noun descriptor from library list resident in the control panel or custom entry via PC. • Third line in display: INVREP indicates an invalid reply from the addressable device. Other possible troubles include: –...
  • Page 7: Co Alarm Operation

    CO Alarm Operation Operating Instructions • Third line in display: Z000 indicates the zone programmed to this device which, in this example, is general alarm Zone 000. Note that a single device can be programmed to five different zones but only the first zone will be displayed. •...
  • Page 8: Process Monitor Operation

    Operating Instructions Process Monitor Operation A typical Supervisory event would be displayed as illustrated in the following: ACTIVE SUPERVISORY <ADJ> <NOUN> Z000 10:00A 012116 1M001 Note that, like alarms, supervisory signals latch (except when programmed for supervisory autoresettable) and can be assigned to soft- ware zones.
  • Page 9 Mass Notification Operation Operating Instructions • Timers are not started • Store event in history buffer • Activate appropriate LED on the N-ANN-LED annunciator (required for this application) • Each N-ANN-LED can support up to 10 zones. Medical alert conditions latch. They can be assigned to software zones. 4.11 Mass Notification Operation The FACP may be installed with an NFC-50/100 audio system to provide mass notification operation.
  • Page 10 Operating Instructions Time Functions: Real-Time Clock Smoke Detector Data Smoke detector data is monitored by the FACP, eliminating the need to test the sensitivity of each detector at its location. A printout of ® each detector’s data can be retrieved from the FACP using an optional printer or Windows HyperTerminal.
  • Page 11: Special System Timers

    Special System Timers Operating Instructions  control panel LCD display will indicate a presignal event and the active point  control points programmed to Zone 097 will activate  outputs (NACs and control modules) of associated zones will be inhibited from activating for a factory set duration of 15 seconds ...
  • Page 12 Operating Instructions Walktest 4.22.6 Control Module Delay Timer The control module delay feature, if enabled, will delay activation of a control module after a programmed time of 1-180 seconds after being triggered by an alarm condition. This feature requires the approval of the local Authority Having Jurisdiction. See the table on page 49 for allowable settings.
  • Page 13 Read Status Operating Instructions The operator selects the type of device which is to be viewed by pressing 1 for Detector or 2 for Module. If 1 is pressed, the display will change to the following screen: READ SYSTEM POINT ENTER DETECTOR# ...
  • Page 14 Operating Instructions Read Status 4.24.3 Trouble Reminder Pressing 1 while viewing Read Status Screen #2 will display the following screen: READ STATUS 1=TROUBLE REMINDER TROUBLE REMINDER 2=TIMERS TROUBLE REM 24HR 3=NAC Read Status Screen #2 The screen indicates whether the Trouble Reminder feature is set to sound every 4 or 24 hours. 4.24.4 Timers Pressing 2 while viewing Read Status Screen #2 will cause the following Timer screens to be displayed: TIMERS...
  • Page 15 Read Status Operating Instructions Pressing 2 while viewing the Program Check screen #1 will display a screen which will indicate if any output zones have not been pro- grammed to at least one input zone. Use the up and down arrow keys to view all zones. Pressing 3 while viewing the Program Check screen #1 will display a screen which will indicate if any input zones have not been pro- grammed to at least one output zone.
  • Page 16 Operating Instructions Read Status Pressing 2 for POTS Settings while viewing Communicator Screen #1 will display settings for the telephone portion of the Communica- tor. POTS SETTINGS 1=LINE 1 2=LINE 2 3=GAINS Pressing 1 or 2 will display whether each phone line is enabled Yes or disabled No, whether the phone type is touchtone or rotary, and whether the phone line is being supervised Yes or No.
  • Page 17 Read Status Operating Instructions Pressing 1 while viewing Print Screen #2 allows the user to print the detector data for each addressable smoke detector connected to the system. A printout, similar to the following example, will be generated if an optional printer is connected to the FACP. DEVICE # DEVICE TYPE % DRIFT COMP...
  • Page 18 Operating Instructions Read Status Figure 4.1 illustrates a graphic representation of the maintenance levels: DIRTY Maintenance Urgent Maintenance Alert Acceptable Range Low Chamber Reading VALUE Figure 4.1 Diagram of Maintenance Levels Pressing 2 while viewing Print Screen #2 allows the user to print the Communicator’s settings. Refer to PRINT “Communicator”...
  • Page 19 NFW-100X Series Fire Alarm Control Panel Operating Instructions NORMAL - Only AC POWER is illuminated green. PANEL KEY - The key to open the panel can be found at the following All other indicators are off. LCD display will read SYSTEM ALL location: NORMAL.