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Installer Mode 2 (Read Only Mode - Keypad Programming); Installer Mode 3 (Unattended Download) - Honeywell OMNI 408 Installation And Setup Manual

Fbii hardwired/wireless system
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OMNI-408/OMNI-408EU Installation and Setup Guide
Installer Mode 1 (System Default)
You can initiate a system default through the keypad by pressing the [1] and [3] keys at the same time
while in the Programming mode. The system will then default (revert to factory-programmed values)
and go through the reset sequence. You can also initiate a system default by removing power (AC and
DC), shorting JP1 and JP2, reapplying power (with JP1 and JP2 still intact), waiting 8 seconds, and
then removing the short with power still applied.
NOTE: You can select a programming option through the Compass Windows Downloader software
called Default Lockout. If you select it, a system default reset will change all of the programmable
options with the exception of the CSID (a code used by the software to identify the panel during remote
connections) and the Installer code. This prevents hostile account takeovers.
Installer Mode 1 (User Code Default)
The user codes can be reset to factory default values (User Code 1 = 1234) by pressing the [7] and [9]
keys at the same time while in the Programming mode. The user codes will default and the system will
go through the reset sequence.
Installer Mode 1 (RF Programming)
You can enter the RF Programming mode by pressing [BYPASS] XX or [*] [#] XX, where XX is 01 to 14
and selects the desired RF Programming question number. Refer to Section 10: Programming
Questions - RF Programming for specific information.
When RF Programming mode is entered, the question number LEDs will blink rapidly.
Installer Mode 2 (Read Only Mode – Keypad Programming)
Installer Mode 2 is a Read Only mode of installer programming that allows the installer to review
programmed information without being able to make changes.

Installer Mode 3 (Unattended Download)

The Unattended Download function allows the control panel to dial the telephone number of the CS
downloading computer so that the control panel can be downloaded without having the operator
present. The CS downloading computer telephone number is programmed into the callback number
(Question 03) and an unattended identification number is programmed into the secondary telephone
(Question 02). For UL installations, Installer Unattended Download MUST NOT be used.
NOTE: These are temporary values, as they will be reprogrammed after downloading.
Unattended Download requires the following sequence:
1. The PC operator must select UNATTENDED DOWNLOAD in the downloader software Main Menu.
2. Enter Unattended Download mode by pressing [CODE] [*] Installer Code [3].
3. The system now enters keypad programming at Question 01. Enter the telephone number of the
central station downloading computer. Enter [#] after each digit; for example: press [1] [#] [2] [#]
[3] [#]. You can enter up to 16 digits. This phone number should be the same as the CS callback
number (Question 03 from Keypad Programming if the panel is programmed for callback).


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