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Standard Power-down Procedure; Paper Loading - Honeywell LEVEL 6 Operation Manual

Series 60 computer system.
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Figure 7-8. Printer Assembly
Standard Power-Down Procedure
6. Loosen both paper width adjustment con ­
to power-down the rrinter.
trols and move both tractors laterally to
adjust for correct paper width. Once adjust ­
1. Press the ON/OFF LINE button. The indi­
ment is made, tighten both paper width
cator will go out after printing of current
ad;ustment controls (see Figure 7-7).
line has been completed setting the printer
in the offline mode.
7. Align the perforation between forms (i.e.,
top of form to one of the top of form
2. Set the ac circuit breaker to OFF; observe
that both POWER ON and READY indica­
tors will go out.
!4-inch Top Of Form Index: the first line
of print will occur 1f4-inch from the top of
the form.
1. Raise the printer hood and pull drum gate
Yz-inch Top Of Form Index: the first line
latch forward, swinging the drum gate to its
of p rint will occur l/2-inch from the top of
fully opened position as shown in Figure
the form.
Perform alignment as follows:
2. Set the ac circuit breaker to ON.
a. Press and hold the FORMS RESET
3. Press the TOP OF FORM button on the
button on the operator control panel
operator control panel.
while rotating the PAPER ADVANCE
COARSE knob (see Figure 7-8) until
4. Open both spring loaded tractor pressure
perforation is lined up with the desired
plates (see Figure 7-7).
5. Place paper in tractors and close the pres­
b. Once alignment has been made, release
sure plates.
the FORMS RESET button.


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