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Monthly Maintenance - Honeywell LEVEL 6 Operation Manual

Series 60 computer system.
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3. With a dry lint-free cloth, remove dust or
2. Remove the front cover from the card
card stock material that may have accumu­
reader (see Figure 3-9).
lated in the input hopper or in the opening
under the throat gauge.
3. Moisten a clean lint-free cloth with alcohol.
Place the moistened cloth over a finger and
4. Observe the condition of the platen (knife
hold the finger against the top surface of
edge) in the throat gauge for dirt build-up.
the picker roller as exposed in the input
f ound dirty, scrape and wipe the platen
hopper. With the other hand, reach under
edge to remove the accumulated dirt.
the input hopper and manually rotate the
5. Replace the card reader cover and power­
picker roller while holding the moistened
up the device according to the procedures
cloth against the top of the roller. Continue
described in paragraph entitled, Standard
rotating the picker roller until all dirt is
Power-Up Procedures.
Monthly Maintenance
4. Inspect for lint build-up around the reid
is recommended that a periodic cleaning of
station. Excessive lint should be removed
the picker roller and read station (see Figures 3-9
by gently blowing and/or carefully wiping
and 3-10) be made by the operator on a monthly
away with a lint-free dry cloth.
basis, or more often as usage dictates. To perform
this function:
5. Replace the device cover and power-up
1. Power-down the device according to the
according to the procedures described in
procedures described in paragraph entitled,
paragraph entitled, Standard Power-Up Pro­
Standard Power-Down Procedures.


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